Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Gonna Get Ugly

I consider myself an independent, but I've been voting Democratic in national elections for the past sixteen years. This week I've talked to four other "independents" who saw Sarah Palin's speech the other night. They all sent checks to Obama afterward.

One guy who spent eight years in Houston and thinks that gives him a unique view of Ms. Palin in Alaska called her and her family "trailer trash." Another guy I know claimed he was so upset by Palin's speech that he got drunk. Of course, that may have just been another excuse to break out the single malt.  

In 2004 I heard the same kind of disgruntled talk from Republicans who hated Bush. They were certain the Bush years were over. But they weren't. The problem was all that anger at the administration, from people who were usually lockstep conservatives, didn't translate into votes for Democrats. It's easy to blame Nader, but I'm not sure any of those people who whined about Bush really voted. They think they're so important they probably didn't realize you actually have to do something instead of just calling Bush an asshead. Sometimes these masters of the universe types forget that you can't delegate everything. "Vote? I'll have my assistant take care of that."

After assuming incorrectly that Bush would be gone, the disgruntled Republicans watched from the safety of their McMansions as the Democrats did quite well for themselves in the 2006 midterm elections. Amazing how successful Dems can be when Ralph Nader isn't a distraction.

All those newly minted Democrats got to Washington with a mandate to end the war and change the status quo. Only from where I sit, they have spent the last two years doing absolutely NOTHING, led by the Queen of Bupkus, Nancy Pelosi, who is useless.

This year, more than ever, everything is upside down. Obama, who has an ivy league education, has been called an elitist by the Republicans. I didn't think minorities could do that. Meanwhile the Republican vice presidential nominee is a working mom, married to a union steelworker, both groups normally considered Democrats where I come from. Whatever happened to the good old days, when Democrats were the party of empathetic, understanding, working people with family values and the Republicans were rich bastards.

The people I talk to are convinced there's no way the Republicans can win this election. Based on what? Wishful thinking? Did they watch the conventions? The GOP completely crushed any Democratic momentum following Obama's speech, by announcing, the very next day, that Sarah Palin was McCain's choice for VP. Barack who? There has been nothing else but Sarah Palin on the news ever since. Plus she gave a great speech. And last night, McCain looked positively lifelike while he gave his.

Psychologically, I feel like I'm backing someone who can't win. People gravitate to winners. And I'm betting Obama lost a big chunk of undecided voters after the last couple of nights of excellent Republican speechifying. I hope that four years from now at the next conventions, the Democrats go last. How is that decided anyway? A flip of the coin?

Several pundits called McCain's decision to have a female running mate his Hail Mary pass. Unless someone's got video of Sarah Palin dancing on a pole somewhere, he scored a touchdown that put them in the lead by a couple of points.

My concern is that I'm not sure there's enough time left during the next sixty days for Obama to return the kickoff and score his own touchdown to win the game.

Unless that pole dancing video shows up.


thisismary said...

What on earth makes you think that a video of Palin pole dancing would be considered a bad thing by the redneck, white trash, bible clinging, shotgun shooting folk?  

I am pretty sure that the good book is silent on the subject of dancing nekkid while spinning round a pole.  

The problem is that elitists simply do not understand that calling a redneck a redneck just indicates that, at least, the elitists have observational skills.  Now if only they knew how to do something useful, like shoot a moose.

ber144 said...

The party that holds the White House has its convention last.

Why so pessimistic?  There's simply no way McCain will have any momentum as soon as the debates start.  I didn't hear a single "idea" yesterday nor the day before; all they did was tell us why not to vote for the other guy when they need to tell us why to vote for them.

That being said, I've already put my relatives on the southwest coast of Ireland on notice that they might need to make room at the family compound.  I don't think I can stomach the idea of Droopy and Quick Draw McGraw in the White House.

screaminremo303 said...

Dammit, Mrs. L - get out of my head! I have half an entry written about the same thing and now I have to chuck it. Maybe not.

I don't know what ber was listening to but I heard a lot of stuff last night that we haven't heard out of the R's for a few decades. Health insurance help, real reforms, and a whole bunch of other stuff that probably has half of Congress packing their office.


psychfun said...

Are you kidding me? That guy was dead wood & just a clone of fact, Jon Daly's show is repeating right now showing video footage of McCain saying things & then Bush saying the same thing in his convention. It is just hysterical. I'd say that is a case of Plagiarism! Then he has footage of McCain constantly over the years saying "I don't know" and then a video thing on how he has said one thing prior to 2002 & then the complete opposite after 2002! Talk about Flip Floppers!

Now we have to be careful because we all know Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck jokes are hysterical by all!

Palin was not anything that great. They can deliver a speech without flubs..oh wait McCain did have a few...but that does not mean the substance was good. All they did is mention major topics but not anything specific. I'm going to work on Education...ok soooo how? They didn't give anything that would make me think they could actually accomplish anything. And what 2% of education? So you come in & put $10 more in Education...yep you did something more for education. Geez!

I don't think they killed the momentum of Obama at all. If anything I think they comfirmed that there is not going to be anything that different if another republican came in.

Oh then Colbert Show went around & asked people at the convention what "small towns" were all about. That was just too funny! Check it out!

judypearllove said...

you are 100% wrong I think. They make me puke when I watch the republicans. They haven't changed my mind in the least it's Obama all the way and I do not have one single doubt that he is going to win. Look at the number of people who actually went to see Obama and check out the numbers who are really showing up to mccain. Vote and don't worry. Just because Hillary did so well doesn't mean someone from Alaska who knows nothing about being a vice president was ask doesn't mean a thing in the long run. Have you ever been to Alaska ? Believe me nothing there but woods darkness snow. How could she be a president after mccain probable dies. He's in his 70s with Cancer several times. Obama hasn't been hurt in the least !! For god sakes people can't even buy food and gas now !! Obama he's the ticket !! I'm already popping the cork !! believe have faith and pray ! If you worry pray and if you prayed don't worry !! I hope you have a great fall !

psychfun said...

This is what I was saying was hysterical last night!!!

"Small Town Values" defined by RNC participants...hysterical!

McCain's Speech compared to Bush's...keep it going they show footage of both's-Big-Acceptance-Speech

McCain Reformed Maverick