Tuesday, October 18, 2011

High School Reunion Photo from Hell

This photo was sent to me with the caption, "EVIDENCE." I think you can figure out which one of these brave souls was moi, performing at great personal risk during our 50th high school reunion gala. I hope my attempts at cheerleading didn't detract from the exertions of my friend in the gold sequined jacket, who was president of student council in our former life. The other guy was president of the class. Which one of them do you think is a retired rear admiral? And which one was a neurosurgeon? I'm sure both of them are sorry I have a blog. The demure lady in the background begged me ahead of time not to mention her. Ooops. 

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Emily Suess said...

I've got to give you credit for showing up. I haven't attended a high school reunion yet, and I don't plan to ruin my streak. :)