Wednesday, September 8, 2004

So Many Opinions So Little Time

My favorite picture for Scalzi's last assignment, which I'm just getting to.

I'm trying to do too much in one entry. First, I have written about the picture above in red below.

Now, back to the opinionated portion of this post.

Eventually, I want to write about how Serena got jobbed at the US Open. Totally. By that goofy umpire. And I love how little Miss Capriati just played dumb.  Like she didn't know that one ball down the line was in. Please. Don't get me started. But I will be heard. Just not in this entry.

Meanwhile, for visualness, I just spent half an hour scouring the web for a big picture of Tina Turner from Thunderdome. I want to compare her outfit in that movie with Serena's outfit at the US Open.  Great idea, huh? Won't that be excellent if I can pull it off? The two of them -- Tina and Serena -- standing together, looking like Mel's Hootchie Mamas in Mad Max. 

But I can't do that either.

I have to get ready for a birthday party. 


Mrs. L

P.S. The picture is my favorite one of me and my daughters, even though they're grown and gone now.  It's 1978.  You can see by comparison with the photo in my About Me space that time has left its treadmarks on me.  Regardless I like having a record of being really happy -- actually thrilled -- because my divorce was final.  The kids are happy because we're at Rehobeth Beach [Delaware] having a great time with my mother's side of the family.  We're all smiling because my cousins are making us laugh. That was a great summer. Those were good times.






dbaumgartner said...

What a lovely picture.  I bet both your girls grew to be wonderful and lovely women.  Could it be to due to the Mom they have??????  I think so!

ann7inflorida said...

You are a gorgeous!!! Your girls are adorable! I bet they have grown to be just as beautiful as you. : )

lamove04 said...

What a great photo.  Yes, time has driven over my face and balding scalp too!  In 1978, I was a sweet, innocent, young lad...  --Albert

cneinhorn said...

Love the photo Mrs. all do look very happy :-)


merelyp said...

Dang it, why didn't you just crash the sept 5th party at camp mumsy?  I didn't get an e-mail, you.  I'd know; I even read my spam.

i don't see no stinking treadmarks.


judithheartsong said...

you were lovely then.... you are even more lovely now. Your spirit shines!