Wednesday, May 4, 2005

One of Patrick's Fascinating And Revealing Quizes

[This has to have its roots in numerology.]

Your Birthdate: October XX  [Don't feel like telling the actual date]

Your birthday on the XXth day of the month shows individual self-expression is necessary for your happiness.

You tend to have a good way of expressing yourself with words, certainly in a manner that is clear and understandable.

You have a good chance of success in fields requiring skill with words.

You can be very dramatic in your presentation and you may be a good actor or a natural mimic.

You have a vivid imagination that can assist you in becoming a good writer or story-teller.

Strong in your opinions, you always tend to think you are on the right side of an issue.

There may be a tendency to scatter your energies and have a lot of loose ends in your work.

You may have significant artistic talent and be very creative.

Mrs. Linklater's reaction to the quiz -- as someone who has spent her entire career as a creative person, primarily as an ad writer with a year in improv comedy -- this is creepy.

Take the quiz yourself.  Of course, the link below may or may not work.  That's part of the charm of Mrs. L's journal. You can always resort to Other Journals and look for Patrick's Place and click on that link.


artloner said...

Ain't that the truth? Sounds spot on.


somenuttychic said...

Spot on!

screaminremo303 said...

Does this mean we can start calling your entries the Missives of October?

FYI-that damn quiz gives me the willies.

gaboatman said...

Your skill with your new MAC is improving.  The link above actually worked, LOL!  The birthday thing was accurate for me, too!  Kinda wierd!

ksquester said...

hummmmmmmm, I think it is the 30th of OCT.  Just a guess! ;-)  Anne

judithheartsong said...

mine did not fit me very closely.... I would say that it was more wrong than it was right. But interesting! judi

mutualaide said...

Funny, the entire family is eerily like the descriptions given.  Another observation about there being only 31 descriptions?  Maybe not.  I put in the 12th of December and teh 21st of January...exactly the same.  Having to do with '3' energy.  No wonder husband and daughter are so much alike!