Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Egg for Sale


The place where I like to purchase wine as gifts for friends -- the Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe [you can Google it, they deliver] -- has a large round table in the middle of the shop.

There are dozens of different kinds of wines there and you can taste them any time you're visiting. There are more formal tastings on the weekends with much rolling of tongues, swirling of glasses, and sniffing of bouquet. Should you be a customer who orders more wine than I ever will, you may have your very own Riedel crystal wine glass to drink out of.

Each glass is kept in a pristine white and glass cupboard hanging upside down with dozens of others, embossed with the initials of each preferred customer. Swank. They even wash it out [quelle surprize!] after the tasting so it will be ready for you next time -- always with the hope that you will exceed their expectations while you continue to buy loads and loads of wine from them. The Knightsbridge folks also build more wine cellars than anyone else in the country. 

One of these days I gotta get rich.

But I only buy bottles at twenty or so dollars a crack, one at a time, not in bulk, so I have to taste wine out of little thimble sized things. No free crystal glass for me.

Anyway, I was in there purchasing a housewarming gift when I saw this strange egg-shaped item on the table. Oh, look, a strange egg-shaped item. Why it looks like a giant Faberge egg, i declared. I was told that it was, in fact, a Faberge egg.  Just much larger than the very very expensive ones that Malcolm Forbes used to collect.   

It even serves a useful purpose, instead of just sitting there to be gazed upon. It's for caviar.What every house needs.  And, here is the best part, it's on sale. Yep, only $7000, reduced from $10,000.

Not to mention that the amount of caviar you might want to serve in this convenient contraption will cost in the neighborhood of $1000. 

Or, you could just put Cheez-It crackers in there. The yellow would make a nice contrast with the blue.

I'm not rich, never will be, but it sure is fun to see how I could spend my money if I had it.


salemslot9 said...

My Dad told me that when he was young
he worked at Sunshine
where they make Cheez-It
he sampled them while they were still warm :)

bluwave9 said...

I do a lot of window shopping myself when I'm out and about.  That egg is calling out to me for whatever reason.  Think it would clash with the 1970's avocado-green motif we have goin on in our house?


mombzbe said...

Yah, that'd go great next to my Ming vase on the table next to the white couches that sit on my Persian carpet.  You know, in the family room, where the kids play.

Why am I suddenly hearing Mrs Brady's voice: "Don't play ball in the house..."?

Oh, sure, I'd buy it to use with the caviar, and it'd wind up holding my keys.

ally123130585918 said...

When I am rich Mrs L - that egg will be yours, but don't hold your breath because that will be a little while yet...:o) lol....Ally

judithheartsong said...

loved this one...... the yellow with the blue....... chortle. judi

swibirun said...

I think I saw one of these on e-bay for half the price......NOT:)


lamove04 said...

I don''t know why, but it does not seem very Faberge-ish to me... looks like something you'd see on the Home Shopping Network. I'll pass.  --Albert