Saturday, December 24, 2005

Not One But Two Entries at Blogspot

Mrs. Linklater gives advice to the advice columnists. Has there ever been anyone so helpful?


fmgruber said...

Not knowing where to put this, I'm putting it here. LOL
Reading your big apple exploits, your life does not read a whole lot different from mine. I farm for a living. I too am faced with dead lines, weather dead lines! Spring, being prepared haven worked the soil, having the machinery serviced and repaired if need be for like timely planting my crops when the soil temperature is right. Summer, then there’s bringing in a hay crop mowing-conditioning it in a time period supposedly free from rain to bale before it’s rained on. Fall, there’s picking the corn at the optimum time for dry, for storing, for ground feed grain. Winter, Shop time overhauling a tractor, rebuilding a field machine, repairs of all natures. And, then everyday chores, threading a heavy tractor through heavy hungry cow traffic to feed the bovine masses. How about the day’s, Spring and Fall, all the livestock must be run though the chutes to worm, delouse, to vaccinate, to keep them free of disease, most importantly healthy; and when you want them to go one way, they may insist upon another.
And you may think we are laid back. Hardly with all we must keep on our minds. Breeding programs, livestock comforts, seed selections, soil needs to mention a few. A farmer today husbands the land and animals as to the practices haven changed from a half century ago. He’s a part time veterinary, a chemist dealing with fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, applying not one ounce more than is required, these new farm practicing days. He’s a record keeper, bookkeeper, an environmentalist, a resource preservationist, a friend to wildlife birds and animals. And all I wanted to say was I can relate our two different worlds. LOL. Fernan

jevanslink said...

I think you have me beat by a mile.  All my mother's family were farmers. They worked 24/7, 365 days a year.  My job is moments of terror in between episodes of Law and Order.  Mrs. L