Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Next Mia Hamm

When she was just five, this future soccer star was very particular about her hair. It had to be in a ponytail just so. Not too high. Not too low. And no loose strands. She didn't like anything in her eyes when she was running down the field. Her shirt had to match her socks or she wouldn't play, which created a couple of difficult soccer fashion moments when she could only find one yellow sock and the other clean one was orange. Back then her idol was David Beckham until she found out he was a boy. She immediately switched allegiances to Mia Hamm even though Ms. Hamm had retired and was having babies. This was okay since she was used to women in her family multi-tasking. So getting her law degree while playing on the national team would be no biggie.  
     All right, that's enough speculating about the future. Would you please excuse our young hotshot because she'd like to play dolls before dinner?


emmapeelDallas said...

What a beautiful girl!

Chris said...

Have you taught her the "special words" to use if the ref yellow or red cards her, yet? ;)

She looks adorable!