Friday, February 26, 2010

Tripping Down Short Term Memory Lane

My younger daughter got married three and a half years ago. Today, while sorting through photos, I found two DVDs that had pictures from the wedding I don't remember seeing before. These two are candids shot by the groom's brother. Even though the focus in both of them is soft, there's a real sense of the moment, not to mention the strange profile of the bride's mother in the top one. Floating around, disembodied. So, like ME. I really like these pictures because they are natural and unscripted. So, not having anything else to write about, I figured I'd post them and see if you agree.  


emmapeelDallas said...

SO beautiful!

Donna said...

I like that sort of picture. Wow, they look so happy!

Mee2 said...

I love these pictures. Beautiful. My favorite photos are those that are unscripted. I love to be able to catch life happening instead of having everyone sitting together trying to smile for the camera.