Sunday, February 14, 2010

While You're Gorging on Chocolates

For Valentine's Day the folks at Movietone created a video from famous I LOVE YOU moments in romantic pictures, starring everyone from Cary Grant to Ryan Gosling. Apparently they're so thrilled with their efforts they have suggested you could send this love thang to your own loved ones. Mrs. Linklater watched it and thought it was lame. 
     However, as a consolation, Movietone also offered a two minute video of Mel Gibson movie rants, which Mrs. Linklater can recommend without reservation. See what Mel can do when he embraces his inner demons and captures them for posterity on film. You'll find that video HERE. [Unless everybody had the same idea I did, in which case you may have to wait a minute.] 


Remo said...

Thanks. I needed that. LOL

Chris said...

That was rather entertaining, I had forgotten about Conspiracy Theory.