Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quick Whine

The Apple Store asked if I wanted to take a one hour introductory workshop after I purchased my iPad last Saturday.

[I used two Apple gift cards I received and hoarded until I couldn't go without an iPad any longer -- more on that later].

So I signed up for a workshop that met this morning.

I thought we'd get instruction on how to set up ALL our email accounts, not just one. I thought we'd learn how to take and send pictures, use the front and back cameras, how to use one or more of the apps, but particularly Facetime, since it's loaded when you buy an iPad these days.

In other words, I thought we'd learn the BASIC shit that runs on an iPad.

But NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O! The Workshop was a farkin' commercial for the purchase of MORE Apple products.

The first thing genius boy did was to Bluetooth link his iPad to a larger video screen [and you can even link up with your TV!] that the class could all view. "How can I do this?" he asked. "I have an APPLE TV gismo that lets me do that. And, guess what!! you can purchase your very own APPLE TV thingamabob after class."

Next he showed us how to connect Bluetooth to my keyboard and other devices [if I'd had them with me]. AND, lookee here, "I've hooked my iPad up to my cylindrical speaker, which I will now demonstrate when I play a tune from my iTunes app." And, yes, you can also purchase this very speaker when you're buying the APPLE TV thingy.

Next we went online to the Apple App Store -- so now we could buy some additional APPS. He demonstrated some of his favorites and said it was really easy to order using my iPad. He even gave instructions. 

Okay, that's tears it. I said, "When are we going to get lessons in basic iPad functionality instead of other Apple products you're pushing us to buy?"

Yep. I'm a total bitch. Actually I was feeling sorry for the elderly woman who came because she hadn't used her iPad very much in the last two years. And she wasn't going to use it any more often after that stupid class either. She still wouldn't know how to get her email. Or make a Facetime call. 

P.S. My younger daughter and her husband just had their first baby, a little girl, Myla. Since they live out of the country, getting an iPad turned out to be the best, fastest way for me to have them on Facetime with a picture that was large enough to see how perfect she is. So, you ask, why didn't I just put Facetime on my MacBookPro. That, my dear readers, is another story.

Meanwhile I've been getting daily photos via their smartphones and other gadgets and gizmos. And I've been talking to Myla via Facetime. I talk. She looks at me with her huge, dark eyes and stares intently at my face on the screen.

She seems to sleep a lot. And when she's awake, she doesn't seem to be crying. All good.

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