Saturday, September 27, 2014

Navigating this blog for Bill Bricker posts

Since news articles about Bill Bricker's arrest have mentioned this blog, here's how to search for the most Bricker related posts -- scroll down to find the search box in the right hand side bar. Enter "Bill Bricker" into the box. Most of the posts should appear. The very first one, and probably most informative, is entitled, "You can run, but you can't hide." It was originally posted in 2007 to highlight an article in the Glen Arbor (MI) Sun that profiled Bricker in 2005. The comments are very revealing.


• Charlotte Reynolds at Teton County Sheriff's Office -- 307-732-5786
Charlotte is the information officer for the Teton County Sheriffs who are investigating the case. She can take your message and pass it on to the detectives. She can also answer many questions.
• Attorney Marc Pearlman in Chicago -- 312-261-4554 • If you were born after 1965, the statute
of limitations in Illinois may not be an issue. Reminder: There is no statute of limitations for crimes committed in Wyoming
• Teton County Sheriff's office main number -- 307-733-4052 -- an alternate number if you can't reach Charlotte Reynolds

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