Sunday, June 13, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six on Sunday

Answer: Leave me alone. Question: Mrs. Linklater, it's two in the afternoon and you're still not dressed.

1. What color eyes do you find the most appealing?

Mrs. Linklater has discovered that eye color by itself isn't all that appealing to her.  It's the combination -- hair color, skin color, eyebrows, lashes -- that makes it all work. 

For instance, bright blue eyes are nice, but they don't become appealing to her until they're combined with dark eyelashes and lots of very dark or salt and pepper hair. 

Mrs. Linklater also confesses to being mesmerized by men with cafe latte or olive skin who have green or grey eyes.  You haven't lived until you've seen that combination.

She is also partial to bald guys with dark eyebrows and deep brown eyes -- a great look.  In fact, Mrs. Linklater saw a guy just like that last night. He could have passed for Billy Joel, if Billy Joel were taller and better looking.

2. What is your favorite thing to eat or drink on a cold, rainy day?

A pot of apple cider heated with cinnamon sticks and slices of lemon with a clove covered orange floating in it. But Mrs. Linklater would settle for hot tea, lemon and honey, if you're out of cloves.

3. Name the last movie that made you laugh out loud and what you found so funny about it.

Young Frankenstein. Mrs. Linklater was screening it for something at work last week and pretty much cackled all the way through it.  A classic. Rent it tonight. Laugh your ass off.

4. If you had the choice of having a custom telephone number, what would it be?

Mrs. Linklater does have a custom telephone number -- well, the last four digits at least. She chose it based on the pattern the numbers make on the dial pad. She discovered way after everybody else that it's easier to remember phone numbers that way. In fact, if you ask her someone's phone number she often has to lookat the phone pad before she can remember what it is.

A custom phone number based on letters, i.e., your name, is just a pain in the butt.

5. New technology currently allows parents who can afford it the opportunity to select the gender of their baby with an impressive rate of success.  If such technology became the norm (and was affordable), would you choose or leave it up to fate?

Mrs. Linklater would probably still be married [two chances: slim and none] if the gender of her babies could have been pre-determined.  After her second beautiful baby girl, Mrs. Linklater's husband, who changed two diapers in eight years, said, "You'll keep having kids until we have a boy, right?"

Mumsy:  You have just designed a new hybrid car that does not use gasoline or oil.  What do you call it?

The Terminator.  Since it would pretty much terminate OPEC's power.

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lwhitewave said...

Well, answer #5 shows more of the story...God, what a dinosaur...him, not you...and I still don't mean to be disparaging ;-)

And then, a big ol' heartfelt AMEN to #6