Thursday, July 8, 2004

Answer:  Don't even start. Question:  Do you ever get confused with all the different journal names, screen names and real names?

Mrs. Linklater is in a major pimp mode this morning. 

She wants you to read all about the AOL JOURNALS First Anniversary Celebration. 

So she's got a bunch of ways to get you to the main place to read about it.

Here's a direct link to viviansullinwank's blog, called Nwanyioma's Journal [click here].

The actual link is up there as the title of this entry.  So those of you who prefer to cut and paste can cut and paste it into your browser.

Or, if you want to click on something else to get to her blog, see Other Journals over there on the left and scroll down to Vivian's First Anniversary Journal and you can be there in a nano second or two. 

So you've got no excuse not to join in the festivities. 

Every day Vivian's got new entries with more information.  From poems, to tee-shirts, to floats, to passing the torch.

And while we're at it, check out the Journal Directory link over there too. So yours can be listed.

To getto the point of all this -- Vivian is working very hard to make the first anniversary of the AOL Journals a memorable occasion. 

And she wants to make sure that nobody is going to miss out. 

So stop by her place so you can find out where it's happening, when it's happening, why it's happening, and who is doing what.

And BTW, don't forget to send Mrs. Linklater a picture of yourself [as a jpg attachment -- headshot preferred] to her AOL address: jevanslink so you can be added to the BIG picture of everyone who journals for the First Anniversary.

Like Vivian says -- no personal info, just pix. 

Besides, Mrs. Linklater couldn't deal with sorting out all the real names from the screen names from the journal names. 

In case you got this far and still missed the directions to Vivian's journal -- click here:

In fact, Mrs. Linklater is going to go there herself, right now.



judithheartsong said...

you are wonderful! Have a great day! judi

lamove04 said...

I have a list with 3 columns: Journal name, screen-name, person's first name if known... otherwise I'd never keep things straight, what with all the Random Musing Journeys... --Albert