Thursday, July 1, 2004

Journal Entries Haiku

For all we know that Japanese calligraphy thingy up there is a masked vulgarity.

To make these haikus, Mrs. Linklater was inspired by something Albert [see Other Journals] did today with the first lines of the entries from one of the Editor's Picks journals. 

Given Mrs. L's unfamiliarity with this poetic sport, perhaps she should also apologize for her embarrassing efforts ahead of time. A very Japanese thing to do.

Bascially they wrote themselves. Mrs. Linklater just arranged the order. To create them, she went through her own journal entries and took the first few words in each of them. 

Many started with the answer to a question that followed, so they were short. Kinda like a haiku.  Ooo--the medium becomes the message.

And now for Mrs. Linklater's Journal Entries Haikus:


a female soldier

when you don't think it's a cat

send it to its room


viggo mortensen

it means you're being redundant

you mean like pizza


the swift boat skipper

ex-husband's birthday today

very carefully


holy crap we're doomed

how do you mean affection

so grateful for these


drive you crazy -- yes

you mean demonstrating how

the list of dream trips


death is an option

only if it has no taste --

pop tarts paris rain


the inquisition

I can't remember -- never

what were you thinking


lamove04 said...

I Love These!!!  So glad that my slightly mocking entry led to something quite lovely over here, lol!   --Albert

jevanslink said...

Mocking?  Your entry was mocking?  I'm shocked.  Mrs. L

merelyp said...

I'm a little slow on the linkinglater.
Nice pimp.  It's about what I do.

jevanslink said...

I got a visit from the master. I am humbled.  Mrs. l