Monday, August 30, 2004

Who's Messing with My Counter?

You know, I should be above this, but I'm not.

My counter was at 4122 or so when it just decided to start over at 11 for no reason, recently.

Then it went back to 4135. Now today I notice that it's back to double digits again.


It's not that 4122 was some kind of huge number, but it was MY number. Capeeche?

I like to check the counter to see how far behind everybody else I am. LOL.

I'm way behind Albert for instance. He hit five digits awhile ago. [And if you want to link to him you have to go all the way over to my Other Journals and look for Albert's Artsy Fartsy whatever the name of his journal is and find it yourself -- I refuse to pimp him today.]

And I am way behind lots of others who started journaling after me. That's okay, she said, trying to be magnanimous. I'm not to everyone's taste.  *sigh*

But I also used to use the darn thing to check to see who was stopping by, but not leaving a comment.  That ratio is something like 20 to 1.

Which buoyed my spirits a little. [Time to get a life, Mrs. L]

Whatever.  Now the thing is useless.  I can't trust it at all.  So it may not be there the next time you stop by.  I'm going to blow it up.

Or put gum in the gears.  Hm-m-m. Double Bubble or Bazooka?

Mrs. L

P.S. I removed it with one carefully aimed shot of napalm.


magogos said...

My number counter did the sane thing, and though I promised myself I was not going to get caught in numbers, I lied to myself. I want my old number back; even if it was only in the 400's, they wer MY 400 readers!! LOL Margo

lwhitewave said...

Hey, I LIVE for my comments and my counter!!  Without them, what's the point??
(Had 1074 at last look-see)

greyhoundloner03 said...

Ahhh, our vanity is shownig...LOL...mine included...I edited my "About ME" section, and it reset my counter right before Ihit 1,000...damnit. I had to laugh, though, at how mad I was at myself. I've heard many "counter stories"ranging from simple stupidity to WWW global conspiracy theories. Go figure.


jevanslink said...

I'm taking this whole counter thing as a sign that I'm too attached to it.  So I will let it go.  How zen of me.  Mrs. L

merelyp said...

I inadvertently removed mine at 4820 (or so)-- and pouted a real lot.  I wanted people to know how w-i-d-e-l-y read I was. (not!--50% is me scurrying in to check comments or correct a typo)  Now I hardly ever look at it and think I will remove it (bazooka seems appropriate)---but that vanity thing comes out. One of those guest books would be nice, but then I'll have to threaten people with eternal damnation if they don't sign, like the Golden Child...
It's just all so silly, isn' tit? (this typo left for your reading pleasure.)