Sunday, January 16, 2005

Mrs. Linklater Predicts Kinda Sorta

The NFC is embarrassing itself.  

Three of the four NFC coaches in this weekend's playoffs have made incredibly stupid mistakes. Andy Reid -- mismanaging the clock in the first half today. Who cares if it didn't matter in the end?  Just so dumb. That will cost the Eagles next week.  They will lose to the Falcons.  

Mike Tice and that botched field goal with Randy Moss on -- no off -- the field. Gee, how in the world did they lose today? They had so much momentum there for a minute or two.  

Herm Edwards -- that stupid long distance field goal attempt yesterday in Pittsburgh. Thank goodness their ridiculous luck finally ran out. I was getting worried. Oh wait, the Jets are in the AFC?  How did THAT happen?  

And the poor pitiful Rams? They shouldn't have been in the playoffs. Too bad they couldn't just forfeit.

Atlanta looks good. They will beat the Eagles next week. But any one of the last three AFC teams standing could beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl.  

The real Super Bowl will be the AFC championship next weekend between Pittsburgh and whoever wins today in New England. 

And if the Colts should beat the Patriots, outdoors in the weather, with Peyton Manning hearing a voice in his head, repeating "0 for Foxboro, 0 for Foxboro," IT WILL BE A MIRACLE.  

Once again, the real Super Bowl will be a snore.   

Ah, Mrs. Linklater, you are so sexy when you talk football.



swmpgrly said...

I am rooting for the pats but im from Ma.
Tom Brady is another good reason too...too cute
seriously though The pats are a good team.

belfastcowboy75 said...

You ARE sexy when you prognosticate, Mrs. L. Can the Pats turn it around against Pittsburgh? Belichek vs. Cowher? Look fo the Pats over the Eagles in the superbowl.

jevanslink said...

I think I'll get a new outfit the next time I prognosticate.

My heart is with Pittsburgh to get to the Super Bowl.  I love the whole rookie hero thing. But these next two games are when coaching really matters and the Pats have a better coaching staff than Pittsburgh.  Look how their defensive scheme slammed the door on the Colts. It was like the Patriot linebackers had a copy of the Indianapolis playbook.  Eagles or Falcons -- doesn't matter.  Neither team can beat the AFC champion.  I guess the gauntlet has been thrown.  Mrs. L

cneinhorn said...

As long as the Eagles don't go to the Superbowl, I'll be happy. Or if they do go, I hope they get their butts kicked ;-)  

screaminremo303 said...

I knew the NFC was in deep-poop at the mid-season mark when I heard the Arizona Cardinals were still in the hunt for the playoffs.

Would someone just beat Randy Moss to pulp already? Where's Jack Tatum when you need him?

robbush6 said...

Don't kick a woman when she's down. Yes, the Rams stunk. I'll grant you that. But you just have to love Torrey Holt and what the man can do with his hands. Marc Bulger played the second half with a broken something and a slipped couple of vertebrae.

Bring it on, New England. Time for the annual chipbowl dance.