Saturday, September 4, 2004

Saturday Six Times Two

Mrs. Linklater has been remiss.  She hasn't done the Saturday Six for a couple of weeks in a row.  She likes to think she was saving up the questions like a box of candy.  And now she's going to do them all at once.

Episode 21

1. What's your favorite thing to do while indoors?

I like to wrap up in a down comforter and read a book about serial killers sitting by the fire on a chilly night.  Since my current house doesn't have a fireplace, it can get pretty smoky in the living room. Just kidding.  My favorite fireplace for reading is a huge one, made out of stone from floor to ceiling. It's built inside a classic 100 year old guest cabin on a friend's property in Door County, WI. The cabin, which is large enough to make four black bear rugs look like doormats, is just a little ways down a path from Lake Michigan and hidden in a grove of cedars.

2. What's your favorite thing to do while outdoors?

Ride horses through the back country of Yellowstone Park, where most civilians aren't allowed.  I got to do it several times during one lovely May many years ago and I'll never get to do it again.  In second place -- flying. I wish I'd been a pilot.

3. Do you wear any jewelry regularly?  If so, what and where?

Don't own a watch.  Don't have pierced ears.  No wedding or engagement ring. Do $1000 gold crowns count? I only wear jewelry, usually silver, when I have to.

4. You have the choice of spending time alone, with a few close friends, with many friends and aquaintances, or in a large crowd consisting of people you do and don't know.  Which one would make you the most comfortable?

I love my alone time. Always have. I missed it most when I was married.  Ironically, I didn't miss it when it was just me and the kids. All that aside, I am my very best one-on-one, which wasn't one of the options.  So I'll make it one.
5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Rough estimate: I'm guessing fifty.   But a lot of those are sports shoes, from bike shoes to hiking shoes to volleyball shoes to several pairs of tennis shoes to cross trainers to cowboy boots to my last pair of  bright white "Roos" a gorgeous pair of genuine kangaroo leather baseball shoes with hard plastic cleats that I used to clean religiously after every game.  If I could wear those dancing, I would. 

Mostly, I tend to wear a pair of sandals in the summer and Merrills in the winter.  And Stuart Weitzman when I have to look professional.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #21 from Jeanno43 and Cherie:   If a fire or other circumstances forced you to leave your home with all of your loved ones and pets -- but only time to rescue one single item, what would you choose to take with you and why?

Easy. Photos.  Memories.  Since I have so many pictures and albums and wouldn't be able to decide which ones to grab, I put them all in a storage unit last year just in case my house did have a fire. Of course that means now I never get to look at them.  Oh well. But I'd rather know I could look at them if I wanted to. Once one of my favorite albums was accidentally thrown out with the Sunday papers years ago. And I still haven't recovered from the loss.


Episode 20  

1. What was the last thing you lied about?

This assumes I have a memory.  Hm-m-m-m.  I know I lie, but I can't think of one right now.  When I do I'll let you know.  AHA!! I usually lie about my age by not giving it. When someone asks me directly, nine times out of ten I will say something like -- "How old am I?  Older than you." 

2. What do you most hope to accomplish by the end of the year?  

Only four months, huh?  I'll be happy to get the back of the Jeep unloaded.

3. If you could see a film of any moment of your childhood so that you could relive it,  what event would you like to see?

When I beat the whole line of challengers in tetherball in junior high.  Boys and girls. One after another after another.  Remember tetherball? It was as popular as the hula hoop in the suburb my family moved into, when I was in sixth grade. I was ostracized because I didn't know how to play.  By 7th grade I was Numero Uno on the playground. And never showed any mercy. Once I got control of the ball, you were dead meat. Beating the older boys felt so good.  Sports have always been something I did well. But I was a superstar in tetherball.  And that day on the playground was a beautiful moment for me.  [Oh what a sad and lonely life you've led, Mrs. L]  

4. What talent do you wish you had but don't?  

I wish I were more disciplined. I think that's an under-appreciated talent. To have goals and follow through on them to completion. This morning for instance, I had a goal of re-habbing my kitchen by this evening. I just went in there and noticed I'm not finished. . .

5. What are you wearing as you answer these questions.  If someone pointed a camera your way right now, would you duck out of sight?   

No, I'd cover the lens. I'm wearing a tangerine linen shirt and black sandals with sunglasses on top of my head.  Yes, I'm wearing shades at midnight. Actually, I look like an absent minded tourist.  Madame -- I believe you've forgotten your trousers today.

Danielle: Have you ever found a journal that interested you so much, you read allthe way back to the beginning?  If so, how many? If you'd like to share, whose journal and why?

I've read every one of the journals all the way back to ground zero on my Other Journals list. And I'm currently reading some others which I will most likely add to the list.



dbaumgartner said...

Tether ball!  Do kids play that any more?  I loved playing tetherball.

cneinhorn said...

I didn't think of discipline as a talent.......but you know, I wish I was more disciplined too.......then I could lose a few pounds (question #2) by the end of the year ;-)

merelyp said...

Okay, for the next MidWest confluence, we will sell tickets to the Mrs. L- Mumsy Tetherball match because I could beat anyone in 6th grade.  So now you are able to say, (when you evade the question) I'm younger than mumsy.  
That'll explain a ton.

Oh, how I wish you'd have come today to the Decatur confluence.  
We laughed a bit.

News at 11.


jevanslink said...

You and me, Mumsy. One on one.  I'll start practicing.  I thought about you guys a lot yesterday.  Enviously. NEXT TIME!!!!  Mrs. L