Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm Loud and I'm Proud!!!

Mrs. Linklater just followed the link for John Scalzi's elementary test -- What element are you [click on By The Way over in Other Journals and scroll down the page].

Mrs. Linklater is Pt -- not for the Cruiser, but for Platinum.  

"Platinum is a rare breed, and one who's reputation as a stalwart bastion of virtue is well-earned. You stick up for what you believe in, never change, and get along well with others. I would recommend that you become a politician, but the sad truth is that you don't understand us lesser and less-confident beings all that well. With a couple good Carbon advisors to keep you in touch with the scuzzy non-metals I'd vote for ya though. You are loud, be proud... keep it up."

1 comment:

tdain2003 said...

Bi... Bismuth
You scored 54 Mass, 46 Electronegativity, 39 Metal, and 10 Radioactivity!  
Ever wonder where the name Pepto-Bismol came from? You. You exist within the gray area between metals and non-metals. Personality-wise you are inflexible in your approach to problems, and you are prone to giving on everything when one thing gets rough... you may give up, but you don't walk away, and eventually you'll try again. You are a social element, but you have the tendency to let entire groups of friends lapse or disintegrate over time only to build them up again later. You might get along pretty well with Mercury or Lead. Of course, you might get along well with something else. You're actually kinda strange... I mean, look at you. Those are some freaky shapes you're forming.  

That's what they say I am.... I like yours better : )