Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Go with the Flo

Stop by Flo's place and read about her FTP space escapades with AOL.  Basically all her files in there are GONE.

She's being patient, trying to deal with the help-is-just-a-phone-call-away folks [in INDIA]. 

For starters, I think they want her to delete her screen name.  Hmmmm.

Instead of that, she wrote to Scalzi and Editor Joe for help. Good luck there, Flo.

It's an AOL f**k up.  No doubt about it.  We should have a name for these things, something to call it when AOL screws up and blames the snafu on US. 

While you're thinking up names, here's my thought. 

Last year, during the anniversary celebration, we talked about having a convention for AOL journalers.  It would have been scheduled for June or July this year, but the idea never seemed to get off the ground. Unless I missed a memo.

My thought is we all ought to fly up to AOL corporate and have a rally out in their front yard.  Do it this fall, say in September. With signage and music, the usual stuff you have at rallies. Armandt should speak. So should anybody else with a grievance. The networks should cover it. 

See if AOL will have a sit down with us.  Serve us some meals.  Make some promises.  Come to some agreements.  Fix their mistakes.  Apologize profusely. Give us some perks for all the aggravation they put us through.

Or just have a great party.  And leave the mess on their lawn.



mosie1944 said...

If AOL ever deletes my journal, I'm gone.  Journals are the only reason I pay $10 a month to keep AOL.

emfeasel said...

LOL.....this has been happening more and more...AOL headquarters is just out my front door..I can talk about them now because they are no longer one of our sponsors... ;)  I have plenty of room...E

tdain2003 said...

But do we have to fly to India for the rally ?! ; )

whsprdphsh said...

I second (well, it looks like I'm the fifth... and I only was outside for 10 minutes! --you sure are popular Mrs. L--) the motion.  There's another AOL headquarters where I live (the original one, in Vienna [Dulles mail stop], VA), and it's near D.C. so I could show people around the sites while they were here.  I don't have much room, plus it's not my house, but if we actually got this off the ground I know that hotels in my area (I live near Quantico, 35 mi. from the White House) give great discounts for groups of 10 or more.

I don't have the ability to travel anywhere else, but if you need my help for anything else, you know where to find me!

Something had better change with them soon though, because they're already up to their necks and it won't take much for them to collapse.  Time Warner claimed a huge loss on that deal.  I wonder where we'll all be this time two years from now...


sunnyside46 said...

we could be like the commercial

gaboatman said...

Okay, I'm with you on this.  Let's go!

swibirun said...

Ooooh, Ms. L......you will have men in black suits visiting you, LOL.
We will need an anthem.  How's about we re-write "Alice's Restaurant" for AOL?  

armandt said...

Am I too late to accept the invitation?!

Your people didn't call my people ... or something!

... I guess that's what we get for hiring "Sam" and "Barb" in Bangalore to be our personal assistants!