Sunday, July 10, 2005

Paricks' Saturday Six Hurricane Dennis Edition

1. How many mirrors are there in your home?  If you could go for the rest of your life without ever looking in a mirror (but still know that you hadn't missed a button or that your hair was disarrayed, etc.) would you?

There are mirrors in every room except the kitchen. Each bedroom has a full length mirror behind the door because this was a house full of women.  There is a mirror in my purse I use to check my make up. There is the rear view mirror in my car and on the visor which I use to check for food in my teeth. 

I also have some portable mirrors in the linen closet in case I need an emergency mirror when the power goes out.  

I have gone a week without looking in a mirror -- on canoe trips in Canada. When your hair is in braids and you aren't wearing make up, mirrors become irrelevant.

But usually, in my real life, I cannot possibly brush my teeth without looking in the mirror. Hey, I might miss a tooth.

2. What online abbreviation annoys you the most and why? 

"ty" for Thank you.  You can't take a few extra seconds to be polite?

3. What do you hate the most in this world?

When children suffer. And Larry King's googly eyes.

4. You decide to go to your next high school reunion.  What do you anticipate would be the thing most people said about you behind your back?

You think they're real?

5. You learn that because of some galactic mixup in fate itself, you must restart your life tomorrow in a new place.  You will emerge as a person with a unique past and won't seem out of the ordinary to those in the new place.  You will retain the experiences and memories of your past, but the people you are closest to will believe that you are dead and gone and you would be prohibited from contacting them.  Where would you go and why?

This is a little too close to home. Sounds like an Army Ranger I know. He dropped out of sight in Afghanistan on April 15th and we didn't know if he was dead or alive. He did warn us that if we ever didn't hear from him something had happened. Then, on the Fourth of July he contacted us to say he was alive and he was sorry he hadn't been able to get in touch with us before then. He had been wounded and was recovering nicely back in the USA. But no phone call. Then, three days later, the day of the London blast, he disappeared again.

So this game feels a little too real to me.

6. What are you most passionate about in this moment of your life and why?

Funny you should ask. I have been wondering that myself.  In the past I have been passionate about many things in my life -- my children, my work, my photography, the sports I played, battered women's and other community issues, and for now, in lieu of anything else, my journal.  Those of you who follow this journal may also recall that I have a passion for Riesen's chocolates, which are a great placeholder while I'm looking for something more meaningful.


bosoxblue6993w said...

i have a mirror over my bed and ... well, never mind ...

deniden said...

We have the same answer for #4. ;) And for me, the true answer to that question is - absolutely not! Thank you Dr. Adrian Lo. Haha.


salemslot9 said...

One in bedroom connected to dresser
one in hall way
two in bathroom
big one over sink
medicine cabinet

shaz19743 said...

Mirrors .....three big ones .....i like to tell myself they are so big cause they make my tiny rabbit hutch of a houses rooms seem bigger ....but hey im a Libra we just gotta see if we're having a good hair day even when we dont wanna really know but then again just spent a weekend in a field with no water to wash and didnt care once what i looked like  .
School reunion thing happened recently didnt go ...didnt care what they said then dont now ....liberating .
Abbreviations ? for someone who loves talking and rabbeling on they are the enemy

sunnyside46 said...

i think it's funny how my girls watch themselves talk in their mirrors