Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hubcap ReCap

In the last ten days I have driven over 2500 miles.  For six of those days I wasn't behind the wheel, I was vacating in the Outer Banks. No wonder my body aches. When I left North Carolina on Wednesday. the sun was shining, the ocean was the calmest it had been in a week, and I was pretty much the only person evacuating.  

In one last bit of irony, after leaving the alleged storm area that continued to provide relentless sunshine despite reports to the contrary, I got home and it was raining here, for the first time in weeks.

Also I saw a sign in Maryland that I drove by too fast to photograph. I thought about turning around and going back, but a little voice said, "For what?  Your journal?" Anyway, imagine a painted wooden sign about eight feet by ten feet: OPHELIA'S Hats and Hair.  Ha. Apparently there's a place you can go to retrieve anything the wind blew off your head when Ophelia came through.

I'm going to bed.   If there are any typos I'll get them in the morning.


artloner said...

Sorry for the weather, but I am glad you got your ass outa there anyway.  This is SUCH a Linklater Moment.  LOLL

Lova ya Chicky!


jckfrstross said...

Glad you are home:) hope you had a good trip


gaboatman said...

Mrs. L
Welcome home.  Breathing a sigh of relief here.  Sorry about the empty fridge.  

mosie1944 said...

Welcome back; I haven't had a good laugh since you left.

robbush6 said...

Vacating in the outer banks? Not a typo, huh? Not many Shakespearean tragedies have a happy ending.

suzypwr said...

Welcome back. That is a LOT of driving!

gdireneoe said...

Sorry you're achy, but glad you're safe. ;)  C.