Monday, October 24, 2005

Birthday Gifts for People Who Write in the Third Person

Mrs. Linklater has been nominated for a Most Humorous, a Best Use of Attitude, and a Most Outspoken VIVI award, although these last few entries in her journal could be nominated for Most In Need of A Real Life, what with all the White Sox hoo-haa. 

The voting begins on Tuesday, October 25th.  And ends Sunday, October 30th, which is Mrs. Linklater's birthday.

Did you know that some gifts are more suitable for framing than others?

Have I mentioned that Mrs. Linklater has been nominated for Most Humorous, Best Use of Attitude, and Most Outspoken VIVIs?

And that she has a birthday on October 30th? Coincidence? I think not.



robbush6 said...

When did it get all Halloweeny in here?

The thing is, if you get that real life, where does that leave us?

Happy Birthday, Mrs. L. and best of luck in the ballot box stuffing.

ally123130585918 said...

Happy birthday Mrs L .....and good luck with the votes....Ally

ksquester said...

NOBODY does it better.........YOU are a treat.  I would insist upon a trophy or a crown however, and does this come with a title?   Anne

meforevermore said...

You know I'm voting for you! lol

Really glad you got those nominations, didn't think any other would work!


swibirun said...

Hmmmmm.  I wonder when your birthday is.

Happy early birthday!  (just in case I forget....after all, I am male)


astaryth said...

Happy early birthday Mrs. L... and good luck on all THREE of your well-deserved nominations!

floralilia said...

really dahling - you should be nominated for just living so long.

floralilia said...

oh and, the official floralilia "vivi-tude" proclamation is now posted.

do stop by.

judithheartsong said...

Happy almost birthday Mrs. L......... I think an award would look really nice in a beautifully wrapped box for you!!!!
You are my FAVORITE loose cannon.

bluwave9 said...

Well, duh.  Of course I'm voting for you- ya didn't have to play the birthday card with me.  Five people in my family are celebrating bdays between the 27th-30th, so if I can remember to set my clocks back that day, I should remember yours.

But, just in case- Happy Birthday!


onmiownnow2 said...

Good luck, Mrs.L!  I'm voting for ya!  Huggs!  Lisa

shaz19743 said...

This just in from a sweaty , stinky basement internet cafe in the wilds of Glasgows city centre where your roving reporter is risking life and limb to finally get back online .....and why is she throwing nuclear coffee down her throat whilst spraying disinfectant  on the sticky keyboard infront of her ?
Well just how the hell could anyone expect her to survive longer than a few days without her daily dose of MRS L 'S  outspoken , funny as hell , loose cannon , kick ass attitude hehe
Congrats Mrs L and best of luck ......P.S i finally watched my first baseball game in the middle of the night the other day ....guess who won ? HEHE X