Saturday, October 15, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six -- ND Loses To USC In The Last Few Seconds Edition

At least the White Sox are winning.

1. Who was the last person you sent flowers to?  Who was the last person to send you flowers?

This is pathetic, but for a long time I saved the flowers from each bouquet I received and dried them. I'm looking at an arrangement I made and it's creeping me out. A lot of those flowers don't have happy memories. EWWWWW. What was I thinking?

In real life, I recently sent two dozen peach roses to the house of my college roommate's dad who was like a father to me. When he died, I was shooting a video in Dallas and couldn't attend the wake and funeral.

The last people to send me flowers were my daughters. They send bouquets a lot. I love flowers. I've got a picture of some around here someplace. I'll post it.

2. What is your favorite single piece of furniture in your home and why?

My bed is my favorite piece of furniture. I can enjoy two very pleasure-filled activities there:  Sleeping and reading.

3. You are given the chance to model clothing in a catalog.  What type of clothing would you most want to model and why?

Victoria's Secret fashions. Or stuff in the LL Bean catalog. Either way I get to wear clothes I like -- pretty underwear and polar fleece. Together, preferably.

4. Take this quiz:  What is your "power color?"

Probably red. We'll see. Apparently, it's indigo. Whatever.

5. What product are you mostly likely to buy in bulk? Have you figured out whether you actually are saving money by doing so?

Nutella, a substance not found in nature. It comes in a wide mouthed jar so you can use a really big spoon to scoop it out. Some people like to spread it on other things. I'm a purist. Two giant jars at Costco cost less than a sandwich and soup at the deli. For comparison shopping, I just picked up a smaller jar at the full contact retail price at the grocery the other day. But I finished it before getting to the cash register, so I had to get a second one. You do the math.

Oh, sorry, you're talking about buying something BULKY like laundry soap aren't you? I have bought a huge container with 90 eggs in it for only four dollars and split them four ways with friends.  Sure, they were five years old, but cheap is cheap.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #75 from Mortimer: Now that winter is approaching, what is your ultimate comfort food? What guilty pleasure do you eat that is sinfully not good for you but, you can't get enough?

One could read some TOS quality innuendo into that question, but not me.  

Back to a G rated answer: I don't have a comfort food -- oh wait, yes I do:  Cheetos.

But I don't have any fooking guilt about the food I eat. Acid reflux, yes. Guilt, no. And Zantac takes care of the former. So I never have to deal with the latter.


jtuwliens said...

Just checking in.  Yup, still zany!

jayveeconcerto said...

1. I don't send flowers & have never received any (I'm not dead yet)
2. Is a piano a piece of furniture??
3. I'd model cowboy clothes, of course (what did you expect? I don't wear any underwear.....)
4. I have no power color
5. I'd buy kitty litter in bulk (and you thought I was going to be nasty and say condoms.....)
6. My ultimate winter comfort food?  Homemade soup!!!

(I hope this answers everything)     Jon

jevanslink said...

I think my commenters are zanier than I am.  Mrs. L

judypearllove said...

liked your answers come over for some ranch news and a live cam trip to africa when you get to africa be patient and you will see some great animals with live sounds it's awesome

bosoxblue6993w said...

it's amazing how after a botched umpire's call, the angels unravel like a robert hall suit.

back in the early 60s, mr and mrs. CLEARASIL used to send me flowers.

shaz19743 said...

1. I sent a bunch of yellow roses to my mother (a zillion brownie points ) and i have NEVER received even one lousy daisy from anyone .....well does a plastic rose in cellophane from a drunken admirer in a bar count ?

2.My chocolate brown leather recliner couch .....there are days ive contemplated getting a comode fitted to it so i NEVER have to leave its comfort .

3.Id model Levi's thinking if i could get some freebies id save at least half my annual income since that is all i wear these days .

4.My power colour is Black ....hides a multitude of beer belly sins .

5.Bulk buy ? Never packet of cerial can last me a month .

6.Can it be a comfort liquid instead ? IRN BRU made in scotland with girders !