Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Patrick [Pattboy 92] of Patrick's Place is shutting down.  But he's got a place for you to leave your new address if you're leaving.  One of the fallouts of this ad banner mess is that those of us with MACS have no access to creating links or making our typeface larger or changing it, etc., etc.,

So we have an additional reason to get out of town.  Apparently when the techs added the banners they fucked up our ability to save our edits on FIREFOX. A must when you've got a MAC and use AOL.  And since the only browser we can use to post our journal entries is now the one that came with our AOL software, which SUCKS if you're on a MAC, this is what you get. Tiny type. No color.  No graphics.  No pictures. No llinks.

Anyway -- OH LOOK, I'M ON A PC -- as I figure out how to create a journal at Blogger, in the midst of finishing up some work that's on deadline, go over to Pat's and see what's happening.  -- you have to cut and paste this. Or you can just use the link over in my Other Journals sidebar.

Check out the graphics at DragonRose3911's journal. Someone made a nice pile of shit that I can't wait to post in my Someone Pooped on My Lawn Entry.  But not until I can get to a PC and do that.  Since I can't cut and paste any graphics here, along with all the other stuff I mentioned earlier.



ally123130585918 said...

Mrs L couldn't someone compile a List of those that have or are going to leave aol
So we would still have an easy way to access their journals...I am sure there is A clever clogs among us who has the know how to do such a thing......Ally
I thought DragonRose had it just right with her graphic....Ally

jeffcomedy said...

Actually ally, someone already has....

And his name is Patrick:

So there you go.

 -Jeff (<> <>)
(temporaily) (man I HATE that I can't spell)

bosoxblue6993w said...

i, too, am shutting down.

besides, my SAVE button doesn't work anymore.

I didn't break it.    it was working fine before.    AOL screwed it.

but now they're saying it's MY responsibility to fix it.

bite  me

screaminremo303 said...

I've had a separate journal for a while. Misery loves company.

judithheartsong said...

yep. judi

meforevermore said...

AOHell can shove it. I'm sick of this bull. Those ads make my computer run so slow and I'm on Windows!



(Currently ripping out my old entries one by one into my new blog. Ah the power.)

floralilia said...

Yeah, Mrs. L.   I so hear you.

and isn't it ironic that A PAYING CUSTOMER figuered out how to FIX the posting problems before the aol techs did.

and i'm pissed at scalzi too - that little jellyfish. he needs to grow a spine.

emmapeeldallas said...

Come on over!  The graphics are MUCH better on blogspot.  I'm still taking baby steps in construction of my blog,'s a much better neighborhood, and all the good neighbors are moving there!


judypearllove said...

(I hope that as you do this, you continue to send your feedback to the feedback address we've set up,, which I can't stress enough is not a dumping ground for your e-mails -- it's set up because I don't know if any high-powered AOL executives are going to see the comments you post in my blog, whereas with the e-mail, we can collect your feedback directly and share it with our executive team.) your voice counts so tell them how you feel