Friday, December 16, 2005


I wondered in the comment section of someone's journal whether it was a good thing that I hadn't yet been tagged for Ten Things.

And got tagged.


1. Sunday morning in bed -- no place to be, no errands to run, nobody to steal the covers
2. Flying -- coming in for a landing at Meigs Field in a small plane at sundown in front of a glorious view of the Chicago skyline. Unfortunately Meigs is closed. So I would settle for a trip down the California coast from San Francisco to Mexico or a sundown cruise on a sailboat on Lake Michigan.
3. Driving -- there is nothing like the freedom of being able to get in my car and drive wherever I want, sunroof open, hair blowing, music cranked. There was also nothing like the glorious feeling of speeding around the track at Road America in an Acura NSX. Maybe next time they'll let me drive. Or racing down the road hanging on to a really goodlooking guy on the back of his motorcycle.
4. My journal -- I thought it might be a place to bare my soul, until I realized I wasn't going to use this place as a confessional. So it has become a place where I can sharpen the fork in my tongue. And unload my spew or uplift my soul or just have a nice whine.
5. The smell of crisp mountain air and a view looking out across a creek flowing through a pasture surrounded by mountains.
6. My daughters
7. The look of recognition on a toddler's face when they get the joke you just played on them and they do it back.
8. Gobs of money
9. Chocolate malt and fries. They say it's fat that makes things tasty. If that's the case, then those two food groups are the tastiest in the world. Between the ice cream, malt and chocolate coupled with the fat delivery system known as French fries, I can achieve Nirvana in a single taste. Of course, these days one taste is pretty much my limit. I can't believe I ever finished a whole malt in one sitting, let alone ate the fries with it, accompanied by plenty of catsup squeezed liberally out of one of those red, plastic bottles. Even now it only takes the sip of a malt to send me back to high school and those halcyon days of yesteryear when my only concerms were finishing my homework and cleaning my room.
10. Thanksgiving.  The daylong anticipation of my favorite meal is better than Christmas for me.


mosie1944 said...

You can have my share of the fries, but I love all things even faintly related to ice cream.  My other food weakness is pizza... with lots of cheese.

screaminremo303 said...

They had french fries when you were in high school? Wasn't that during the Irish Potato Famine?

You are so selfish.

ksquester said...

I can smell the fries right now and the ketchup out of the red squeeze bottle.....perfect. I remember when Woolworths had a lunch counter and I would love to order their fries. Do you remember pop the balloon and see what a banana spit will cost?  I never ate banana spits but loved the idea.   Anne

sdoscher458 said...

Oh I remember popping the balloons to try to get a free sundae...that brought back memories.  I for one am glad that you practice your wit here...we all enjoy it....Sandi

mombzbe said...

I knew someone was going to tag you when I read that.  But it wasn't gonna be me! lol
Do I get a malt for that? :p

sunnyside46 said...

toddlers...yeah, they are fun!

swibirun said...

I like # 8 too:)