Saturday, December 17, 2005

Merrily We Pimp Along

A beautiful, lasting tribute to a loving husband from his wife, started near the end of their eighteen month journey fighting the brain tumor that took his life. Her thoughts and feelings are pure poetry.

3/9/06 Waiter Rant -- stories from a restaurant

3/8/06 Heck of a Guy -- outside blog, amusing doctor

3/6/06 The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind -- wry Wisconsin guy

Usually I don't get excited about the Guest Editor or the Guest Editor's Picks.  Either I already know him or her or I'm familiar with most of the journals they've chosen to pimp.

On the other hand if I don't know them or their picks I'm usually just disappointed after a quick read.

Until this week. When I discovered the wild and wacky world of DEAD INVESTIGATIONS  the journal written by the SWAT cop who is this week's Guest Ed.

Can't link? Here's the URL:

He hasn't written a whole lot yet, but what's there is very entertaining, considering the subjects he's writing about -- dead bodies, transporting criminals, chasing bad guys, and trade secrets like learning how to pick up hookers. 

Ever since I started writing on AOL, and now Blogger, the most interesting and entertaining journals, in my opinion, have been the ones written by law enforcement, firefighters or paramedics. No one has better subject material or more riveting stories. No one writes better comedy, as black as it is. No one laughs at themselves more or makes me laugh harder. 

I think you'll like Dead Investigations.

For now, I will use this entry to add any more journals I think are worth reading, since my Other Journals sidebar is almost maxed out.  You can link here via New Journal Discoveries to see what I've discovered. 


psychfun said...

I'm not having luck with the link you have. I'll have to find it.

psychfun said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I totally agree with you about most officers etc being that way. Some are not that way & even their colleagues don't like them but in general the ones I have found to be the most "strong" have lost of soft fluffy in them, which is very appealing! :-) Such sweethearts they can be if we let them!

swibirun said...

Leave it to Mrs L.....always looking out for us and referring us to links so we can learn to pick up hookers.  That and her other sage advice.....who could ask for more?

We Love You Mrs. L!

Now where are those hookers.......


onemoretina said...

    I agree.  This guy's stuff is fascinating. I don't think I would be any good at that job, but I sure love reading about it.  And yes, there is humor in the strangest places.  But, then, there would have to be, to survive in that line of work.  Tina

screaminremo303 said...

Another excellent pimp by Mrs. L!  Maybe he can find my cellphone.

ladeeoftheworld said...

Thanks for the link.  I love it!  Another alert for me.

shaz19743 said...

Aye good stuff here .....liked this one x

lamove04 said...

Wow, cool stuff still being written here...  guess you're spreading the wealth around?  Also, I want your camera!   xxoo, Albert

bosoxblue6993w said...