Friday, March 17, 2006

My Six Pack

AOL's Journal Editor Joe put out a call for Six Packs -- six journals we each recommend.

I think I'll do a themed Six Pack -- Moms. Five of these women are wallowing in children and family. The sixth isn't technically a mom [no kids], but she seems to have reversed roles with her own mother, so I figured she qualified. 

Luckily they all have plenty of humor and medication to help them through their days. Two of my favorite moms I couldn't include because they have gone private, but the ones here offer a combination of amusement, philosophy and from time to time, some jaw dropping reading that's as good as watching a train wreck. I'll let you decide who does which. 

In no particular order:

Livin La Vida Mommy

The Peach Pages

Adventures of a Desperately Fat Housewife


Bonanza Jellybean

Anna's Crazy World


mombzbe said...

Thanks for the mention, Mrs L. :)
Since on any given day, my house can resemble a frathouse--empty chip bags, stray clothing, and a naked body or two--wallowing is about right.   All I'm missing is a corpse and an empty keg.
Have a great weekend!

seastormscamp said...

Happy JournalBday :~)  


bgilmore725 said...

Hey, all new journals for me to visit! thanks. Bea

annalisa135 said...

Thank you very much for picking my blog.  I'm very touched & appreciate the pimping a whole lot.  I have a feeling I'm the train wreck you are referring to.  lol   but hey, I can't argue, life is crazy sometimes.  If I am not that train wreck - then I should be runner up.  LOL     Seriously, thank you again for mentioning me.  I didn't even know you read my blog.  The power of lurking is enormous.  :-)))

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Wow, Mrs. L!  Thanks for the pick.  :)  I hope you were mentioned as pretty awesome yourself!  ~Peachy