Saturday, March 18, 2006

Morning Ruminations

If I go to bed before midnight I wake up around five in the morning. Five in the morning is early. Too early. When my kids were growing up I needed to get to bed before midnight because I had to have my sleep to stay healthy. And I slept until seven or eight.

Then I started getting older. Started?  I'm way deep into it now. I noticed -- eventually -- that for a long time I would wake up at exactly 4:30 if I went to bed at 10:30.  In the summertime that was when the baby birds started to chirp. Like clockwork. So maybe they were waking me up. I don't know.

Unfortunately, if I got up with the baby birds, then I needed a nap at an inopportune time, usually when I was driving somewhere or stuck in a meeting later that day. 

Then I realized I could sleep later if I went to bed later. It was some kind of a math problem. So I began to stay up until midnight so I would wake up at six. At first, I was afraid I would be tired later if I did that, but I wasn't. I became my own scientific experiment. 

Of course sometimes I still fall asleep before midnight and wake up just before dawn. If it's the weekend, I've driven to the beach so I can watch the sun come up.  Or I'll take my camera and shoot pictures in and around the forest preserve because the light is so good.

But usually I just get up, get on my computer, turn on the TV and spend about half  an hour to an hour doing enough stuff to tire out my brain. Then I used to go back to sleep until seven or eight when the crows began their daily cacaphony. Except for the last couple of years there have been no crows. The West Nile Virus decimated them. So other things wake me up.

The other morning after I fell sleep again I dreamed I had colorectal cancer. This wasn't a dream where I knew I was dreaming.  This was a dream that was so real, I woke up completely distressed until I realized that Katie Couric was doing a whole segment about the disease on the Today Show. She was interviewing someone who had the disease. So I'd picked up on the narrative of the woman who was talking and made it part of my dream. Sheesh.

Remind me to turn off the TV when I want to go back to sleep.

This morning, Saturday, I woke up early again, so I turned on the TV, but decided to stay in bed. That meant I got to watch an entire infomercial on ATV's. I now know more about torque, suspension, traction, and dual quads, which seems to be about tires not engines, than I did last night. You watch, it'll come in handy within the next forty-eight hours.

For some reason Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice also decided to buy several time slots in this crack of dawn period. Somebody must have given them a major discount on pre-dawn ads. Or they know there are people like me who are half asleep with the TV on and therefore very suggestible to anything two guys standing hip deep in cranberries have to say. I only remember something about Ninjas, which seemed odd. I do like the Ocean Spray tagline, "Straight from the bog."  Not for any intelligent reason.  It's just that BOG is such a great word. 

I wouldn't want anyone to think I was affected by my Katie Couric dream or anything, but I did call my doctor to get a screening for colon cancer.


bgilmore725 said...

Yeah, I've figured out my sleeping patterns, too. I cannot go to bed before ten thirty or I will wake up when my husband gets up at 4 am for work. I have to get up no later than 6 so I can be at school by 7 (I'm a teacher). If Iwake up unexpectedly and unhappily, I might add, between 4 and 4:40 a.m., I cannot get back to sleep and wake up rested. If I get up at 4 a.m, I am exhausted before the students go home. So, ten-thirty or later, but not later than 11pm. Weekends, doesn't matter... I just get up when the sun wakes me up, or when I wake up spontaneously, like today. I walked around the yard with my schnauzers, and took some great pictures of the koi pond until the battery died. When they are charged, I'll download them and post them in an article within two hours I hope. I like early mornings when I don't have to get dressed for school, when I can just relax and enjoy the sunshine, the cool morning temps, the quiet of the day. Come by and visit and see my pictures later!

I see you pay attention to dream themes as well. I've had dreams that were influenced by TV programs... but it never hurts to have a doctor screen you for timely health issues. I had that one done last summer... painless. I wrote about it in two blog entries. They are rather humorous. For someone going in for colonoscopy, they give you an idea of what one person's experience is, preparing for it, before, during, and after. You are welcome to read them. They are posted in the 9-5-05 and the 9-905 entries.

BTW, Good morning! Bea

ladeeoftheworld said...

Funny what you see on TV at different hours of the day and night.  3am- vocational training so you can get a job.  10am-parenting tips videos.  2pm-beauty secrets with monthly cosmetics delivery.  Saturday morning - exercise equipment.

Advertizers certainly know their markets.  I own everything.  An addiction, I know, but one I definitely enjoy.  

Anyone need a haircut with a vacuum sweeper?  I have a "Flowbee".

swibirun said...

I guess that makes "eating crow" even more distasteful, huh?

Oh, and my suggestion is just be selective about what you leave on the TV during the night.  Maybe some romance movie or an action flick.


ksquester said...

BOG is a great word. I watched a television show about a group of dead people they found perfectly preserved in a BOG.  NO, it wasn't a dream.   Anne

sunnyside46 said...

once Tom and I fell asleep with the tv on and woke up frantically yanking the covers around looking for the crying baby on tv. Our girls are 15 and 25...