Tuesday, April 4, 2006


This herd of tulips, from a couple of years ago, was blooming in one of the postage stamp patches of land outside a four-story Chicago brownstone. My own tulip [yes, there's only one left thanks to the squirrels who went on a rampage and left just a single one behind after their feeding frenzy] looks like it's got three potential blossoms this year. If the rabbits don't eat them first, I will try to produce a photo -- when and if they bloom.


meforevermore said...

Oooh... Pretty picture. And yeah, squirrels are awful. They ate most of everything I planted in my old house. But we've moved to a place that has no trees, and so no squirrels.

The funniest thing I can remember of squirrels was about... three years ago, we planted tomato plants in our backyard. You know, the ones with the huge tomatos that can feed 3,000 people. I'm sitting near the window, watching the birds eating from a bird feeder when I notice something red bobbing up and down through the yard out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head just in time to see this skinny squirrel with one of the biggest ripe tomatos in his mouth. The tomato was about ten times bigger than his head. I'm still trying to figure out how in the hell it didn't break his neck lol


ksquester said...

There are two "secrets" when planting tulips. Plant with daffodils (poisonious bulbs to squirrels and rabbits) and also sprinkle hot sauce or cyanne pepper in with the bulb.  Works like a charm.   Hope your TULIP blooms.    Anne

jevanslink said...

Love the cayenne pepper idea.  I must say the squirrels and rabbits around here must have some kind of immunity because my daffodils and jonquils are all gone too.  But there are some damn big bunnies and squirrels bleching and burping around here.

Mrs. L

emmapeeldallas said...

Alex was here a little over a week ago for spring break, and she said that one of the hardest things about returning to Chicago would be re-adjusting to the fact that it isn't spring there yet, after enjoying everything blooming here in Texas.  This is a good time of year in Texas, as are winter and fall (in terms of seasons) - summer, of course, is a bitch!


mombzbe said...

I love tulips, but resort to buying them in little pots as I can't plant anything...and expect it to live.  

sunnyside46 said...

we have a raccoon who got all my bulbs. but it's okay,they just tore down his woods to build apartments, so i will share what i have with him, poor displaced fellow.

psychfun said...

Oh very pretty. I was at the flower show & the tulips were just coming up by Buckingham Fountain!