Monday, August 14, 2006


Remember last Thursday?  Or as I call it, Why Did You Decide To Fly Today Of All Days?  

I got to the airport with my gel-free, lotionless carry-ons like a good little passenger [I did check another bag with my toothpaste, hair do stuff, even nail polish remover without so much as a strip search] only to discover that my FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED!!!

Not to worry -- we'll put you on this next flight instead. 


I smelled a rat.  I made a bet with the guy sitting next me at the gate, before boarding, that we would leave the gate and drive to a tarmac somewhere and park.  He laughed derisively and laid down a buck.

We got on the plane.  We left the gate.  We taxied to the edge of the runway.  We continued to taxi past the runway.  We taxied some more.  We taxied and taxied and taxied.  Then we stopped.

And parked.

For FIVE HOURS.  I collected on my bet. He laughed derisively again.

Then we took off finally.  Everybody clapped.  And we flew for a couple of more hours.

Then we circled for a little bit.  Forty five minutes is a little bit in the larger scheme of this trip.

We finally landed in the middle of the night and sat waiting and waiting and waiting by the gate until the ground crew got out of bed to guide the plane to the jetway.

By this time nobody was clapping.  






ally123130585918 said...

I just wonder why you decided to travel last Thursday ~ it was a bad day to take a flight ~ but safer than sorry I say glad you won your bet that must have made your day ~ Ally

jevanslink said...

Since I made my reservation three weeks in advance, I was flying regardless.

psychfun said...

I'd ask for my $$ back from the airline. Better to have them put you up in a hotel! Five hours they kept you on the plane. There should be a limit. Some people can't sit that long. Ugh! God what airline was that? Geez!

mombzbe said...

I got impatient just reading that.  
I guess you have to be a good little passenger if you want to get anywhere, anymore.  Suck it up and eat the bag of peanuts,  right?

After five hours, just how bad did the rat smell?  lol

jevanslink said...

Peanuts? You can get peanuts?

Actually I have learned a thing or two about this new age of flying.  So I bought myself a tasty salad to eat after we lifted off.  I finished the banana strawberry smoothie before boarding -- no liquids ya know? Other than that, just a can of pop and a teeny tiny hermetically sealed serving of little pretzels during the next seven and a half hours.

Mrs. L

labdancer51 said...

What a nightmare for you, I didn`t realise that the US was as badly affected as our British airports. :o(

Sandra xxxx