Sunday, December 3, 2006

Presidential Candidate Update

The Iowa governor who just announced he's running for president is a big man named Tom Vilsack.

He was interviewed by George Snuffalupagus this morning.  And he sounded very reasonable. He's running on an I WAS ADOPTED ticket.  Kind of a Harry Truman sort of person.  Down to earth.  Makes a lot of sense when he talks.  He hasn't got a prayer.

John Edwards has a book out.  So he's probably going to run.

Evan Bayh is going to run. He'll have to change his name. I'm not sure what that's about. He's from Indiana and nobody cares.

I guess the only people in the country -- except for Hillary and Obama -- with enough money to mount a campaign are rich white guys. Hillary is married to a rich white guy.  She also wrote a book and made a lot of money. So did Obama. His is supposed to be pretty good.

Time to get the icicles off my nose.


cberes1 said...

My 82 yr. old mom is "in love" with Obama because she thinks he is cute even tho his ears stick out.  He's got her vote.  

sdoscher458 said...

I thought you were kidding about ten guys running for President...good lord looks like it might be a stampede!  Throw is Chris Walken what a crazy mix.  Actually Obama is very articulate, charming, intelligent and just might shake up the powers that be.....Sandi

jayveerhapsody said...

I wouldn't waste my time voting for any of the Bozos - unless they resurrected Lincoln. And, even then I'd have to think twice....... (Snuffalupagus? I like that!)      Jon

xzasporated1 said...

Evan Bayh ROCKS.  Too bad people don't care.

~~ jennifer

ladeeoftheworld said...

Evan Bayh shut down all the insane asylums in Indiana and now our Hoosier crazies live under the bridge.  Bad idea.  Otherwise a sharp man.  I'm in love with George Snappleopogus, btw.

cberes1 said...

And PS, Judy, THANK YOU for taking care of the kitty in your garage.  That was tres kind of you !

armandt said...

Yeah, but Obama is a rock star and people like him... they really like him!

Hillary's got Sandy Berger tied to her (not that a single blue-stater thinks he is anything less than heroic for the "honest mistake" of stuffing highly classified national security documents into his skivvies and destroying probable evidence) and she's too busy playing moderate while voting extreme.

May I recommend Pat Paulsen?