Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mental Health Professionals Are The Last To Know

Each time there's a school massacre, the mental health professionals who could have kept the killer's sorry ass locked up and out of harm's way have the balls to go on camera and tell the country --

"We just can't predict this kind of behavior."

To which I say, how f**king stupid are you people?

The crack mental health professional who was treating Laurie Dann, a deranged young woman who killed or maimed a bunch of little kids at a grade school several years ago, claimed he was as shocked as the rest of us by her behavior. What a retard. She had already tried to kill her sleeping husband with an icepick.

Why is it that everyone else who ever came into contact with these oddballs knew in their gut that they were quite capable of blowing people away? Family and friends, roommates and teachers -- they knew. But people with years of training are always surprised.

After more than a decade of frustration, law enforcement finally got a break when the Unibomber's own brother recognized something familiar in his crazed manifesto, when it was published by the New York Times.

Time after time, these Dr. Freud wannabes, who charge $200 for a 45 minute session, continue to pretend that they had no idea this type of behavior could possibly happen. Somebody should ask for their money back.

In a profession that demands empathy and understanding, too many of these mental midgets, especially adminstrators, seem to think their job description is to slap permanent labels on troubled people, load them up with drugs that make them zombies and warehouse them until their insurance runs out.

Why don't they talk to them? And not just when they're admitted. Why don't they talk to their families and the people who know them best? Even better, why don't they LISTEN to what they're saying?

The FBI has profilers who can predict what kind of a person is a serial killer. Cops can tell you patterns of behavior that have been distilled into a type that is predictable.

I was a battered women's advocate. There is a list of twenty-five characteristics of men who are abusers. The more characteristics they have the more you can predict they will kill their partners. OJ had 23 of the 25 markers. I told a girlfriend that the things her live in boyfriend was saying meant she was in danger. I told her to get out right away, but he had never hit her before. So she stayed. He beat her up the very next night.

I'm not a genius. I just recognized the patterns of predicability. And the shrinks can't?  Come on.

Let me go out on a limb here -- behavior is predictable. Okay, I'll qualify that -- there is a lot of behavior that is predictable.

Most people think they're making choices about their behavior because they like to think they have free will. But if I can predict what you're going to do, you can kiss free will good bye.

We finally learned that pedophiles can't be cured. Talk about predictable behavior. However, since our system of law is based on having the freedom to make our own choices, lack of free will is just a philosophical discussion.

You would think that the mental health pros could at least come up with a list of characteristics -- their own FBI profile -- of someone who could commit a school massacre.

And I don't just mean making a list of jargon filled characteristics that describe the illness a disturbed person might have. A list of particular behaviors that would wave a red flag and help school administrators and clueless therapists keep this person out of the mainsteam for good, if need be.

But then they might have to admit to being accountable for someone's actions. Perhaps a couple of lawsuits could encourage them to feel a greater sense of responsibility to the public when it comes to identifying someone who is a danger to the community.

Well, enough with the whining, I should try to help out. The least I could do is create a list to help people identify a creepy kid who might start shooting up a classroom or dorm someday. Let's see, I have a degree in English and six years as a volunteer talking to battered women, so I think that qualifies me for something.

1. Young man [Laurie Dann was a notable exception] 14 to 25
2. Loser according to every girl who even knows who he is
3. Monosyllabic answers to direct questions
3A. Wears black all the time
3B. Lies around all day, sleeps with his pet gun
4. Laughs when there's nothing funny
5. Writes/draws guns/knives and sexual/sadistic images
6. Watches the same violent movie over and over
7. Gives you the creeps
8. History of being bullied or otherwise traumatized [this requires talking to him, which no one wants to do, so we may not learn this until after he has committed his atrocities]
9. History of therapy or time in a mental health facility

And the tenth sign that someone like this will shoot up the campus -- his therapist announces after the massacres that "There was no indication he would be violent."


bebadpb said...


jevanslink said...

Oh look, a creepy person.  

Mrs. L

swibirun said...

Yeah, but those profiles can be misleading sometimes.  I read one such profile for whether or not a kid was on drugs and except for 1 or 2 on the list, the rest of the statements applied to almost EVERY teenager, on drugs or not.

On the other hand, this VT Massacre does seem to be the most obvious case ever of missed warning signs.


rgossett4195 said...

yep.  just like when my husband & I predicted the neighbor girl who ran the streets at 5 would go out in a horrible way.  She made it to 14 ...  she was in the front seat of a car in the lap of a 17 year old with 5 of her teen friends in the back seat of a intoxicated 23 year old woman.    I am a bus driver and my husband drives a dump truck by profession.

God the world is really going to hell!  And quick!

At least it finally warmed up here in Illinois!!!


psychfun said...

Ok, first I'll say I am not defending all of them nor any of these specifically. Now Laurie Dan...ah that was 1988...almost 20 yrs ago.

Now, you have to remember that many of us see more true behavior than in a psychiatrist or psychologists office. Heck, many don't go or miss appointments or go off meds etc. Those in the mainstream don't even want to go to counseling to deal with marriage problems etc & they don't want to talk.

I will agree too many do overmedicate in house. Sad. Many do talk to them but it is what you ask & what the person chooses to responses.

FBI does have serial killer profiles but we learned with Columbine that we can not profile any longer. Check with officers they will tell you they get training on this. You can't profile like you use to. It is a sad fact but life has changed so much. All too many different people are doing these things.  

psychfun said...

last continue....

Where this comes from, the need for profiling, is the frustration of wanting to control this. We all would like that but there are always exceptions & with all the variety of genetic & environmental contributions to behavior it is just not possible to account for every possibility.  And Red Flags were there & they did send him to counseling & were working with him but things can change on a dime sometimes. This is the phrase "going postal" is all about. One thing COULD cause a person to snap. Lawsuits never fix anything & just cause more problems. They are not accountable for a mentally ill patient no more than parents are. I can't imagine Scott Peterson's parents being held responsible for his behavior. And as far as I have heard there were no red flags in his case even with his family.

And see your many do they have to have? Just one? Now even with all these it doesn't mean they will. Poor Johnny Cash who wore black all the time. Heck you know how many NRA members might qualify for this?

I know it is out of one's heart feeling so much that we are frustrated & wish we could avoid this but think of all the other behaviors we have not avoided. For as much as we know about abusers....not much progress there huh.

psychfun said...


Abusers are not all the same & not the same as these kinds of murders. Heck even in medicine there are some things that are not predictable. It is not an exact science. Meds don't even work sometimes. Not all abuses do kill. Likely they might yes but you can't arrest someone before they do something like in the movie "Minority Report".  Behavior is not ALWAYS predictable. It changes over time. Heck, if you say this then the behavior of today should be the same as the '5os & it is not. It changes with each new behavior in the mix.

Free Will is quite interesting. Now if you say we don't have fee will that would mean I have no choice to behavior a certain way & if I have no choice & can't stop it then it is not under my control so therefore why should I be held responsible for it? Who has the control? Now what you might be saying is one can set up conditions for anyone to be Evil. Check out Philip Zimbardo's website's research. This is true.

Pedaphiles not being able to be cured can't be generalize to all behavior. There are some conditions that are organic in nature. The way the brain is or neurotransmitters etc but this is not true of all behavior & the environment does play a role. It is not one OR the other but both & an interaction at that.

jevanslink said...


Mrs. L

screaminremo303 said...

I'll just throw my fiddy-cents in here. I think one category you missed is "Loner." With rare exception, the EDP who acts out with violence has been isolated, by culture or personal choice, to the point where they no longer feel any responsibility towards society. I could list a whole bunch of pre-indicators, like playing video games alone, online activites, etc., but you get the idea. One of my solutions would be to slowly ingratiate the subject into some kind of peer setting where they could begin to feel some sort of kinship or alignment with the ideals of a greater group.

I hear some of the lesser wacko's go to the police academy.

jevanslink said...

What is it about LOSER and GIVES YOU THE CREEPS that doesn't say LONER?  

Mrs. L

fogspinner said...

I've known many losers and creeps that run in packs. If fact most of them ran in packs. Beady eyed rat packs.

You're looking for a true loner. Walking eyes down, avoiding eye contact, sitting alone in the corner, totally non-social, and self absorbed. You're not looking for one of these traits, your looking for a package of these traits. While I may walk with my eyes down (least I trip over my own two feet) I make eye contact when spoken to. I may sit alone but not with my back to the wall.