Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Know People Who Know People

Tonight, one of my girlfriends called me from the red carpet in Westwood, where an LA movie premiere is being held. The movie she and her husband were invited to see is Transformers, the heartwarming tale of a children's toy car that turns into a robot or vice versa. Actually I have no idea what it's about. But there are two chances I'm going to pay money to see that flick. Slim and none.

My friend's hubba bubba does a lot of work for film studios, but I'm not sure what he did for the one that produced this movie. It could be anything from posters to animation for the opening credits to the website. Meanwhile she's on her phone giving me a play by play of all the famous people walking by her in the lobby of the theater. "Oh, there's Martin Short, no that's not his name, Martin somebody.  And there's Angelina Jolie's dad, what's his name? Oh wait, there's Josh Duhamel, the star of the movie. He's so cute, he's meeting and greeting all the fans outside. They're closing down the street after the movie for a big party. . . " 

You can have the movie stars. I'd love to be there for the food. Hey, it's free.

I've actually been to the Westwood theaters and I think they have the best sound systems in the country. Well, let's clarify that. Of all the movie theaters I've been to around the country, they're the best. They're full size theaters with big screens -- none of this postage stamp stuff. If you want me to pay ten bucks to see a movie, gimme a big screen to see it on and a great sound system to hear it with.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here in my room, wearing clothing that would get me arrested for indecent exposure and writing an entry in my journal. It's a lifestyle.


psychfun said...

Now if you could only get the big bucks for blogging on them you'd have it made.

screaminremo303 said...

I'm sitting at a free computer terminal making over $30 an hour while sipping free Gatorade. But I have my clothes on. You win.

mombzbe said...

I will see that movie.  And I'm looking forward to it.  Me and the kiddoes, buttered popcorn and some pop.  I may let the hubby come along.

But he's buying his own drink.

jevanslink said...

I'm sure if my kids were young I'd be going to Transformers.  I saw all the John Hughes teen flicks and Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear movies back in the day. Ferris Bueller was shot at Hughes' old high school which is in my town.  For weeks the water tower had a sign on it that said, SAVE FERRIS.  Nobody had any idea what SAVE FERRIS meant.  And then it was left out of the movie.

Mrs. L

salemslot9 said...

I think you said earlier
that you couldn't post pictures
what would your journal be rated
if you posted your picture now?

easuess said...

You mean like Carrie Bradshaw?