Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's My Birthday and I'll Blog If I Want To

The editor I'm working with has the same birthday as I do. Cosmic, no? 
Yesterday I had a new asphalt driveway put in. You could call it a birthday present to myself, but not really. It was scheduled for a couple of weeks ago, but got delayed. First we had some rain, then one of the trucks broke down, and by the time they got to my house that day, the asphalt was too cold to spread. 
Yesterday, right after my new driveway got laid [there's a visual] I went outside to look at it and suddenly noticed how warm it was outdoors. Until I realized that it wasn't the air that was warm, it was the asphalt. So warm, in fact, that as I got closer I had thoughts of what it must be like to hike along the edge of a volcano. 
Hope it cools off before Halloween, I mused, or I could have my very own La Brea Tar Pit, filled with children dressed in dinosaur costumes. 
Which brings me to this morning. My neighbors have a lawn service. This time of year, it is largely a leaf blowing service. Because my driveway was still trying to cool off from last night, I had to park down the street a bit. As I drove back by my house on my way to work, I watched a leaf blower guy blowing all my neighbor's leaves over onto my driveway. Won't that look nice, I thought. My new driveway will be coated with a permanent pile of leaves stuck to the asphalt. I slowed to a stop and watched as the leaf blower guy continued to blow more and more leaves onto my driveway. Finally, like the hemorrhoid commercial, I was no longer able to contain myself and I honked. 
Yoo hoo -- what the f**k are you doing? I said in my sweetest voice, knowing that the only word they understood was f**k, since, in my experience, that's one of the first words learned by people who speak English as a second language. 
The rest of our conversation was conducted successfully in sign language as the guy who had been blowing the leaves from my neighbor's yard onto my driveway quickly began to blow them back again. Just in case, I took the name of the company they work for if I should happen to find the leaves back on my driveway again. Or I could just have my leaf blowers blow the leaves their leaf blowers blew onto my driveway back over to their lawn. This could get ugly.
In the meantime, I can contemplate what it means to turn sixty-four. Hmmm. Let me get back to you on that.


z7snowflake said...

Happy Birthday! :)

screaminremo303 said...

That's weird. I had a dream that I was using a giant hose to blow leaves into your basement. Fellini, anyone?

64 is the new 50. It just doesn't spend the same way.

terrymannie said...

Happy Birthday!!
I read you all the time but seldom comment,
Sun. I turned 64 , so I felt I must send you greetings!!

bluwave9 said...

Will you still need me?
Will you still feed me?
When I'm 64.

Happy Birthday!

redsneakz said...

Remember back when we had to actually rake our leaves into other peoples' yards?

Happy birthday.

emmapeeldallas said...

Happy Birthday!


jevanslink said...

Thanks everyone for the good wishes.  I'm feeling verklempt or whatever it is.

Mrs. L

sdoscher458 said...

Happy Birthday...my hubby's is tomorrow a true Scorpio too. I will join you in January turning 64...I don't feel that age though, do you? Hope this year is good for you. Watch out for neighbors..lol..Sandi

swibirun said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. L!  

Hope it cools off before Halloween, I mused, or I could have my very own La Brea Tar Pit, filled with children dressed in dinosaur costumes.

Classic, classic line.  I see 64 years has dulled your wit absolutely none!  

Have a great weekend!

suzypwr said...

Happy Birthday!!!