Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mini Rantette

What's the deal with Keith Urban? Have I missed something? Do Australians who sing country music float your boat? And what the heck does Nicole Kidman find so mesmerizing about this guy? 

Okay it's me. Maybe it's because I was never attracted to skinny dudes who play in a band that he just seems like another loser with capped teeth and messy hair in a black t-shirt. Get him off the stage, take away his guitar and what's left? Someone who just got out of re-hab. Whoop de do. At least Jon Bon Jovi can act.

Speaking of losers, how about Drew Peterson going on TV this morning to answer questions from Matt Lauer about his third and fourth wives? Has there ever been a more unsympathetic husband of two dead women?  I'm sorry, this last one is just missing. He's no longer suspended from the police force. He resigned. I can't wait to see how screwed up his kids will be when they're grown.

There's actually a radio talk show featuring two sixty something ladies here in Chicago that lets people call in on Wednesdays to rant for thirty seconds about something that's pissing them off. They call it Speak Your Peace.

On Thursdays they have a hour of sex talk about all kinds of stuff you usually read about alone and in the bathroom. If you're a guy at least. They warn the audience that what they are about to hear may not be suitable for more sensitive listeners. You can call in and go by Vince or Rhonda if you don't want to reveal who you are.

And to think I used to listen to FM music in the morning.

Okay mini rantette is over. I guess that last part wasn't much of one, but at least I got the Keith Urban thing off my chest.


chrstpi said...

Yea you are absolutely nuts, Keith Urban is so georgeous.  Not only that but he is an amazing artist, writes his own songs, great voice and fabulous guitar player.  And if you ever saw him interview, he is absolutely the nicest sweetest guy.  Everyone has nothing but nice things to say about him. And as for his rehab stint, noone is perfect and everyone has problems, at least he got his act straightened out.  I know I have my own issues!!

So I think Mini, your CRAZY!!  

jevanslink said...

I think you mean, YOU'RE crazy, not YOUR crazy. That drives ME crazy.

Mrs. L

ber144 said...

Can the Peterson thing get any more obnoxious?  Did you see the front page of the Sun-Times this morning?  Big color picture of the coffin they dug up hanging from a crane with the headline "Digging for Answers."  Classy.

I'm with you on Keith Urban.  Heck, I'm that way about any country singer prior to 1975 (yes, I am 88...); I'd rather listen to the all-time greatest hits from all the Republican National Conventions than what they call country music today.

psychfun said...

Well it is kinda like the Brad Pitt thing...some like some don't. I only liked him in Legends of the Fall & other than that ehhh...

I'm going to see the Garth Brooks concert in my theater tonight. Now that is a guy I love! HA!

Oh don't even get me started, both him & the one in Planfield those two guys don't even seem to care at all, much less this is a woman they supposedly love. I just don't get it. My folks want to die together & even be burried together & they have been married for 45 yrs next July! It is really scary because were they like this at the beginning? Then why did these women marry them? If not, then what changed them & God to think that can happen....see why I'm in psych! HA!

psychfun said...


He resigned? Wow! Interesting! I wonder why? I mean if he really feels he did not do it then he is better off to be suspended & after he is supposedly cleared he can go back & ask for retribution of back pay or whatever maybe? So he resigns...wonder why? Why would he think that is better. Did they offer it to him with some pressure? This is just interesting on who initiated this. And with the 3rd wife...what is up with the coroner then? If it is sooooo obvious did he pay him off or have some type of bribe on him? Something not fully known there. Maybe he didn't do it but got someone else to do it? Perhaps a criminal he let off, or was out of prison or some young cop he put some pressure on or whatever...hmmm? Lots of possiblities here. I'm not sure if they can stick the death of the 3rd on him if there is no physical evidence point to him...and he would know that. Could be anyone that killed her that night despite in her home & no forced entry. I think we should get HOUSE in on this too! HA! Maybe MONK...what do you think? I'll take MAGNUM... :-)

mombzbe said...

I think sometimes Keith Urban looks like a drowned rat, but sometimes he is easy on the eyes, it depends on how his hair is going that day.

Personally, I like my men to look like men, not like they use more products than I do.  I'm not saying they shouldn't be groomed, just that they shouldn't look so...polished, like they never get dirty.

Ahem.  Dirty.  Dirty Jobs, anyone?  lol

fdtate714 said...

I'm not into country music, but I saw Keith Urban doing a live performance on television a while back.  The man knows how to play a guitar.