Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Interpreting for Mr. Imus

I'm sure that Don Imus is not racist. First of all he says he isn't. Is there anything more definitive than a disclaimer straight from the horse's ass's mouth? 

Granted he called the women on the Rutgers Basketball Team "nappy hos," but, despite all evidence to the contrary, he has continually assured us that he is not racist.

Now the media are after him again, accusing him of more racist comments, this time about Pacman Jones.

What we have here is just a failure to communicate.

The other day on the Don Imus radio show, where Don Imus makes his non-racist remarks, Warner Wolf reported that Pacman Jones had been "arrested six times since he was drafted by Tennessee in 2005."

Mr. Imus, who was fired from his previous job for making the aforementioned racist comments about the Rutgers' women's basketball team, even though he insists he isn't a racist, responded by asking "What color is he?"

"He's African-American," Wolf replied.

"Well, there you go," Imus said. "Now we know."

So, just what DO we know about what you know, Mr. Imus? Besides the fact that you're not a racist.

He insists he meant that African-American men are unfairly targeted by law enforcement,and what happened to Pacman Jones is typical of the abuse he suffers because he is black.

I don't know how anybody could think Imus meant otherwise. In fact when he says "Well, there you go," I'm sure he's referring to the visiting hours for the Martin Luther King Memorial.

And why else would a non racist care what Pacman's race is? Except as a show of solidarity with his "brother."

So could you people start cutting an ugly, old white dude some slack?

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screaminremo303 said...

Imus is entering the altogether too-dangerous demographic of "I'm-old-enough-and-rich-enough-to-not-give-a-fark."

I think their club worships a taxidermied Andy Rooney.