Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tiger Tiger Burning Out?

I think I'm with the commentators on this one. Or at least the way they're teasing this last round of the US Open. Tiger has never lost a major when he's up like this in the last round. He's 13-0 with a lead. But they also pointed out that Big Brown had never lost before the Belmont. [Like that's relevant]. Like Big Brown, Tiger has an owwwie.

Anyhoo, consistency is the watchword apparently and Lee Westwood has been more consistent over the tournament. Nothing fancy mind you -- no eagles, but also no bogeys. Or double bogeys for that matter.

Okay, we're on the first hole and both Tiger and Westwood look like they're all over the place. Another double bogey for Mr. Woods. Sheesh.

Maybe that Rocko guy can pull it out. I think Tiger is hurting too much. And Westwood will take himself out because of the intimidation factor.

Okay, enough with the prognostications for today.


buckoclown said...

We are pulling for Tiger, but it will be a tough road.  Nice to watch sunny CA weather while we get T-Storms here in Northern Indiana.

ber144 said...

I have a feeling that Tiger is in a lot more pain than anyone realizes, especially after watching him play that first hole.  The only way he wins is if the rest of the field implodes.  He's clearly not even close to 100%.

I like the idea of a guy named Rocco winning.  He'd be the oldest champion in the history of the tourney.

Golf, tennis-when is your ESPN Sportscenter audition Mrs. L?

swibirun said...

I heard that Tiger's trainer had been worried about his split hoof fracture but I think the real problem was the racing silks his caddie was wearing, don't you?


screaminremo303 said...

It was over when Rocco didn't birdie the last hole. As much as I get sick of hearing "Tiger-this, Tiger-that" the guy simply has NO PEER in this era. I watched the Open yesterday and it reminded me of a slasher-movie - you know people are gonna die and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

He's THAT good.

I'll be rooting for Rocco but I see Tiger winning by seven. It will be over by the 12th hole.