Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beasley 1, Rose 0

By the luck of the draw the Bulls got first pick in this year's NBA draft. Both Derrick Rose of Memphis and Michael Beasley of Kansas State were expected to go 1-2.  The only question was which of the two players would the Bulls' take. Derrick Rose is a Chicago boy, so he was the local favorite from the outset.

But I remember thinking, didn't Memphis lose the NCAA championship? Didn't Michael Beasley outplay Rose when they went head to head?

Not noted as students of history, the Bulls' top brass selected Derrick Rose with their first pick. Probably for the same mysterious reasons they chose a guy who has never coached for their new head coach.

Yesterday in the rookie summer league the Heat and the Bulls faced off. In a show of support two of the Bulls' sophomore players are spending their summer vacation on the newbie team to teach the number one pick the ropes. 

I don't know if any of Beasley's older teammates on the Heat joined him to play in the summer league.

Beasley scored almost thirty points. Rose scored ten.

The Heat pounded the Bulls 94 to 70.

Which reminds me that we could have taken Dwayne Wade in the not too distant past. He's a Chicagoan. Instead he went on to star for the Heat and helped them win an NBA championship.

I'm just sayin'.

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