Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Typical American Family Part II

Ah, yes, another heartwarming story of an American family. 

An eleven month old baby girl was rushed to the hospital yesterday. But she died.

Her mother's boyfriend had taken her to his family's home for a visit. The baby's father is in prison.

Turns out hospital tests showed that the baby had a high level of alcohol in her system. What is Gerber putting in their food these days?

Let's contemplate a suitable punishment for this innocent child's death.

There isn't one.


screaminremo303 said...

I'm sure the baby's father, troubled as he is, is reasonably creative and has plenty of time on his hands. Let's put them both in the same cell and see what kind of magic ensues.

Shall we?

ber144 said...

What kind of garbage hurts a baby?  I've always felt that of course but since becoming a father last year it's just something I cannot believe.  

I second Remo's idea, though I doubt that the father is reliable as well, so let's throw in a starving tiger too.

frankandmary said...

I really don't give a darn about punishment, since that sure won't bring the baby back or likely deter another person with that same mind set from doing that to another child. I do believe there are methods of prevention though.  Usually when things like this happen it is not the first time, nor the second, such a person has done something of this nature, often less severe but building up.  Why children have to be abused to death before someone steps up & does something constructive about it amazes me. The whole "I don't want to get involved" thing.  Then the very people who didn't want to get involved say "something should have been done."  Yeah, but who has the guts & decency to do it?  Any time I've reported anything, I was a "troublemaker."  Better a troublemaker than a person who turns their back now & bitches later.~Mary

swibirun said...

Tragic.  There are no excuses for this.