Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Else Is Joe Biden Hidin'?

I wish Joe Biden wasn't the Democratic vice presidential nominee. He's feels too old school. And he's got more warts on him than a blind date in a leper colony.

Aside from his unfortunate hairplugs, followed by being outed for plagiarism not once, but twice, he's been milking the death of his first wife and daughter in a traffic accident. Every time he tells the story, he says that the other driver was drunk.

Well, the other driver's family finally got tired of having their hard working father of seven wrongly accused. He was never charged with drunk driving by the cops and a high ranking law enforcement officer in Delaware said there was never any evidence that he had had anything to drink at all.

According to the man's family, he felt bad about the accident until the day he died.

In fact, people have come forward to say that the first Mrs. Biden is the one who caused the accident when she drove her car into the path of the oncoming tractor trailer. The one Joe Biden keeps saying was driven by a guy who was drunk. From the report I saw, it sounds like the guy did everything he could to avoid hittinig her, even to to point of flipping his cab to get out of her way.

If anyone was at fault, it would seem to be Mrs. Biden. I wonder what other stories Joe Biden has been making up? Hillary just looks better and better every day.


ber144 said...

Bill Richardson or Kathleen Seibelus would have been better choices.  

That being said I don't trust Hillary at all.  I don't think she wanted to be VP, and I believe that she wants McCain to win so that she can run again in 2012.  She's all about herself.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who went through what Biden did in losing their family can say whatever they want if that is how they need to deal with it.  I can't imagine it.  

screaminremo303 said...

"Hillary just looks better and better every day"

Yeah. About that...

I noticed one of her Cougar-snobs has "defected" to the McCain camp. I can smell a Trojan Horse a mile away and if I was in the McCain camp I'd have this woman under constant surveillance. Something stinks and it ain't just Biden's breath.
I can't imagine a worse way for the Dem's to become the laughing-stock of the century than to replace Biden with Hillary but then again, they're Democrats so anything is possible.

To be honest, it's not a stretch of the imagination to consider how a wife of Biden could find herself willing to drive under a semi to escape that life. Either way, it saved the Clintons the task of having to kill both of them.

Oops. Did I use my outside voice again?