Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ten Minute Post

Already it's starting. The comments about Michelle Obama's dress the night of the big win. Luckily she wore a different one to the White House.

Now we hear about an additional $40,000 spent on Alaska's first dude's
wardrobe. [Although some radio jock here pointed out that snowmobile stuff is expensive.]

Not to mention the confusion about whether Africa is a country or a continent -- a conundrum experienced by the Dude's education-challenged wifey-poo. [The story is still considered true; the source is the hoax.]

In the midst of all this I caught a glimpse of a Rolling Thunder drive by, while out on a search for food. They're the biker boys who traverse our country, creating awareness of old men on Harleys. All the streets feeding into the main road through my town were blocked by the cops as hundreds of these geezers rode by in one, excruciatingly long vroom-vroom parade, heading for Wisconsin. I estimate that it took ten minutes for all of them to pass.

I wonder if they voted absentee.

One second-to-last thought: Barack is more than just the first African American president to be elected. He's the first White Sox fan.

Last thought -- is it a good thing that Rahm Emanuel is called Rahm-bo by people who have worked for him?


Remo said...

Look on the bright side: Between the whacknut racists and Biden's bad arteries, Nancy Pelosi will make a fine President someday.

Chris said...

Remo did NOT just say that, did he? ;)

Rose said...

I still don't get it, our future president is also half white but nobody wants to call him white!

Des's big daddy said...

Hoover was a White Sox fan. So was Millard Fillmore.