Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Stupid Skies of United

Gate Agent: "Flight 3652 with service to Chicago is ready for boarding at this time."


"Oh, thank you. An alert passenger has informed me that this is Flight 7606."

The plane is loaded. All one hundred and something passengers are seated with their seatbelts fastened.

Flight attendant, after closing and locking the door: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Flight 3095 with service to Denver."

Sound of many voices from the cabin: "CHICAGO!!!!!"

Sound of one lone, tired voice: "And this is flight 7606."

Flight attendant: "I guess you don't need me."


Remo said...

So it appears you got to meet Brandi?

I'm surprised you made it through the TSA screening. I thought for sure the phone calls I made to my friends in TSA would pay dividends.

Lousy government employees.

Chris said...

Very reassuring. Anyone keeping an eye on the pilot?

Rose said...

I don't care as long as that plane is flying some where warm, with a beach!!!!

emmapeelDallas said...

Where I work, a screw up like that would get her promoted to Lead Attendant, and despite the screw up, this is America, she'll no doubt receive an FME (fully meets expectations) on her Annual Performance Review...ah, America!


Anna said...

Were you the 'alert passenger' or the 'lone tired voice'?

I'm surprised you made it home...without a layover in Atlanta. :p

Mrs. L said...

I noticed the mistakes, but both times it was someone else who said something. My actual comment to the guy sitting next to me was, "Do we want to be on this plane?"