Monday, December 22, 2008

Thoughts While My Butt Freezes Over

It looks like we're going to have a real White Christmas here in Chicago. Unfortunately, it won't be anything out of a Norman Rockwell painting, with happy shoppers gaily strolling down Michigan Avenue, while their rosy cheeked children ice skate in the Hancock plaza. Not with the wind chill factor hovering around minus eighteen. I think the city is going to be a vacant lot soon if it doesn't warm up to a minimum of twenty something at least.

Even better, the Bears are playing the Packers tonight at Soldier Field. Will anybody in their right mind be in the stands? And whose idea was it to schedule TWO games in Soldier Field in December? Especially this December. Somebody sitting in a warm NFL office I'm thinking. This month is turning out to be the coldest and snowiest one in thirty years.

Of all the renovations they could have made to the original Soldier Field, wouldn't you think somebody might have suggested putting a lid on it? You know, a ROOF? It's not like global warming is coming to the Windy City in my lifetime. At least with a roof on top the new version of Soldier Field wouldn't look like a flying saucer just landed on top of the old place. It would look more like a flying saucer landed on top of the old place with a frying pan stuck on top to keep the snow out.

If the new, improved Soldier Field had a roof added, we could host the Super Bowl. Or the BCS Championship. Or a Beach Boys concert in January. Or the Olympics. Hard to believe that the Olympic committee has actually seen that ugly monument to politics and indecision, but still considers Chicago a contender for 2016.

The building looks like something Blagojevich swapped for a senator. Speaking of governors -- have you heard that Bristol Palin's future MIL just got busted for felony drug possession? It may be so cold here that my teeth keep freezing to my toothbrush, but that piece of news positively warmed my heart.

Well, let's see, today's the 22nd. Time to get out and do my holiday shopping. Or at least buy some thoughtful gift cards.


cw2smom said...

OMG! You haven't started your shopping yet? Well, I just did mine yesterday! LOL! Why would you even venture out in that cold? YIKES! But, there again...the stores shouldn't be too crowded if it's THAT cold! I can't imagine anyone attending an outdoor sporting event in that kind of weather. Geez. Well, stay warm Mrs. L! Blessings, Lisa

Remo said...

Let's see... the mother of the guy who knocked-up the daughter of the woman who wasn't elected to be Vice-President got busted?

There's a Democratic newsflash for ya. I hear Generalissimo Franco is reportedly also "still dead." Better get Al Franken right on it since he doesn't have anything else to do.

It's 55 here today. I'm wishing I didn't wear long-sleeves. I'll manage.

PK said...

Soldier Field with a roof? Are you begging to be pelted with metaphorical snowballs? (Never by me, my dear...) One of the quaint joys we in the sloshy mid-Atlantic have is to watch a ball-busting, flesh-tearing football game in Green Bay or Chicago. We've build a new stadium for the Jets (my fave) and Giants here in the swamps of Jersey with no roof. The case could be made for plopping on a roof for a Super Bowl, but that's a once in a 15 year opportunity. I'll take the slog of a sloppy, weekly, weather challenged game any day.

Stay warm. It's -5 with the wind chill in NJ. So I kind of have an inkling of how you feel. Time to go to San Diego...All my best and have a wild holiday.

Rose said...

Oh God Mrs L it's poetic justice that the Packers are playing the Bears in below 0 temps...perfect! Bet most of the players don't have sleeves either!!

The sad thing is I am kind-a getting used to the freezing crap...::sigh::

Claudia's thoughts said...

I always take a flashlight when I stay at a hotel, I would never had thought you would need to carry one in your purse or gym bag.

It is amazing how some people never learn and always get into trouble.....The amazing thing to me is how the jerks always seem to find each other. I think they have some kind of radar that the rest of the population are unaware.

Anyway have a Merry Christmas.

emmapeelDallas said...

Chris asked Alex on the phone on Christmas Eve (Alex being 8 mos pregnant & living in Chicago) if it's true that if your water breaks in Chicago, it freezes. Alex said if that happens while they're walking to U of C hospitals to deliver, and she ends up having to kick it across the midway, she'll let him know.

Des's big daddy said...

You want cold? I suggest moving on the Monday before Christmas. I'm still defrosting my toes.