Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photographer to the Stars

Remember the infamous photograph of Monica Lewinsky in a line of admirers giving Bill Clinton a hug? I believe Time Magazine ran the photo after their mouth to mouth rescusitation became public. According to the photographer [please don't make me look up his name] that picture is the reason he prefers to shoot film. If the picture had been shot digitally, he would have deleted it. After all, who cares about an intern giving the president a hug? But, after the scandal broke, he remembered the shot and had his assistant track down the negative. And the rest is history.

I was going through a box of photos over the weekend and I also found some pictures that would have been deleted in this digital age. But because they were shot on film they survived. In duplicate, no less.

To live another day. In this blog, for instance.

You'll notice a photo of my former roommate at Duke. She is accomplished in many areas, especially academically and philanthropically. She was also most recently honored as one of the top real estate sales people in Dallas, a career change for her, after a long, successful career in healthcare. She is tall and slender with a carefully orchestrated designer wardrobe [Escada, for instance, but only when it's 75% off] and beautiful, one of a kind shoes to go with her statuosity. I believe you can see an example of her excellent head to toe taste in the photo. A shorter, more down to earth version of it, as it were.

Usually she's photographed by skilled professionals sitting with her family in a more formal setting or posed in the sand on the beach with everyone all matchy matchy in white, just before the sun goes down.

This picture, not so much. I call it her WTF moment, although she doesn't use that kind of language. A keepsake photograph [I'm keeping it for goodness' sake] to help keep her humble.

Oh, where's the picture you ask? I'll have it up tomorrow. After she spends a night worried about how bad it could possibly be. Oh look, there it is now.

That's what friends are for.

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