Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday Six Lives

Back in the good old days, when AOL was a haven for a neighborhood of citizen bloggers who had no aspirations beyond their daily or weekly entries, there was something called The Saturday Six.  Now in its 281st week of existence, despite the end of AOL Journals, I decided to play again.
1. What single thing were you most afraid of as a child? 1] Dogs 2] Wetting my bed and, 3] The sounds of trolley cars at night -- the Korean War was on and I thought they were tanks. 
2. Do you feel like you’ve been able to overcome this fear or does it still bother you?  
Thanks to a very friendly Irish setter who practically purred while I sat and petted her head, I got over my fear of dogs when I was 8.  

I stopped worrying about wetting the bed years ago. Recently, I started worrying about wetting my pants. 

One night, after weeks of terror, I woke up my dad and told him the tanks were scaring me. He told me those were just the trolley cars on Cottage Grove Avenue.  
3. If you’re alone in the house on a “dark and stormy night,” and there’s a scary movie on TV, are you likely to watch or avoid it?  I don't watch horror movies. I'd rather read a book. 
4. If you were to watch it, would it make you have any trouble at all in getting to sleep? Nope. It's only a movie. 
5. Take the quiz: Do You Have the Fears of a Child or an Adult? I'm a teenager in the dark. 
6. What is your biggest fear now that you’re an adult? I am terrified that I'll live to 100. 


emmapeelDallas said...

WONDERFUL answers that left me laughing, as usual.

Patrick said...

Nice to have you play again, Mrs. L! I enjoyed your answers, as always!