Monday, February 11, 2008

Pimping Out Chelsea

Somebody on a cable news channel suggested that the Clintons were "pimping out" their daughter Chelsea because the 27 year old McKenzie consultant was making calls to voters on behalf of her mother. I thought it was funny.

Well, Hill and Bill got really ticked off by the insinuation [Of what exactly? That Chelsea is having sex for money? I don't think so]. So they wrote letters and made some phone calls and the guy who made the statement has been suspended from duty for two weeks. Way to sling your weight around you two. I may have voted for the Hillmeister in the primary, but I sure think there was no need for this overkill. "Pimping out" was an amusing turn of phrase to make a point. BFD. And don't say that Obama's family would have made a federal case out of it -- you're comparing apples [underage children] and oranges [an adult who made her own choice to campaign].

Whatever happened to free freaking speech? [I had to say "freaking" because AOL doesn't allow free speech in this space, since some (*#&$* people get upset by it].

If you don't like what the guy said -- and it wasn't slanderous, only creative, you can 1) go on the air and refute the statement or, 2) ignore it. But no-o-o-o, Hilary is beating it to death.

Here's an idea -- let Chelsea handle it. Step away from the microphone Hill. Chelsea is an adult. She has a job, making obscene amounts of money because she's a member of a former first family -- oh, sorry, I meant to say because she is deserving and she earned it. The Stanford and Oxford University grad is old enough to fend for herself, Mom.

Plus, if you look up the definition of "pimp" it includes using someone else for your own personal gain. And letting the Chelsea girl make phone calls for her mom so Hilary can win the Democratic nomination for prez sure seems to fit that description.

It's not like Chelsea is a virgin or anything. I think.


slapinions said...

Well, I can't speak for Chelsea's virginity either, and I'm thankful for that,  but I agree with your post. There was no way in hell anyone in their right mind thought he was literally implying that she was a prostitute. Frankly, for my generation and those after me, it's nothing more than a common and casual term. Whether that fact speaks ill of us, well, that's another story.

Hill had some kind of axe to grind against the channel and is using this to accomplish her wishes and get publicity in the meantime.


ladeeoftheworld said...

I guess I was a little confused.  I didn't see that the news commentator said anything wrong.  I even reread the the news clip in case my senility was acting up again. Hmm.

psychfun said...

Also, think about this...would he have said a son was being "pimped out" ah ha...yes used a great deal more for women! I didn't hear anyone saying that Bill is being "Pimped out" for Hillary. He just said it about Chelsea! Think about that! And if you want to say apples & oranges for Obama because of age then why is the phrase not used for Bush's daughters when supporting him? It is just not a nice neutral term. He meant it to make us talk. He could have brought up the issues logically & without that word. I'm for free speech but that doesn't mean there are not idiots out there talking. Say what you want, you can look stupid if you like. :-) It says more about your character than Chelseas!

psychfun said...

Well I'm probably in between age with you & Dan & personally I do not care for it at all. It does mean something a bit more to me. Otherwise it waters down the usage for the sexual way. Now I'm not sure where you got your definition but when I looked it up it does say it is to "exploit" and the usual of procuring a prostitute. Now Pimping said, "Petty, insignificant & trivial" so then why should he even bring it up Ha!

I don't think he meant it for just a common word. We all know darn well he was either "trying" to be hip &/or sensationalistic! It would get talked about & he knows it. To me that is no different than doing a Brittany! And the phrase even!

As for Ms. Clinton taking care of it, she is a mother & you know darn well you will defend her. Someone called me a "B" and my mom knew...she'd be in their face before I got my chance. Next, if my niece was working for me I would feel bad she was being bad mouth when she is just helping me & I would want to defend her. Yes, she can take care of herself but the person who they are working for should defend them. I would expect my boss make a statement if I was helping my company & they personally attacked me for just helping the company & doing what they asked me to do. Ya...too many companies do not support their employees...loyalty is one direction.

I still do not get why even pick on her...yes he was...I mean what is the big deal even that he had to make the comments. All family members usually help their political parents. When has that not been the case. Why is this a bad thing? I mean Cheney's daughter does not support her dad on everything so you are damned if you do & damned if you don't.

mombzbe said...

Chelsea's pushing 30?
Hillary should be glad she's still willing to pimp HER, and not someone else.

ber144 said...

Keith Olbermann has been fairly critical of the Clintons ever since Bill started foaming at the mouth.  Since the reporter who made the pimp comment frequently appears on his MSNBC show, I have no doubt that the Hillary's hysterical response was calculated.  I believe that if Chelsea was male, the same comment would have been made.