Monday, September 26, 2005

Keep My Day Job

Good thing I don't gamble.

I figured that since Rancy [I meant Nancy, I mean, RANDY] Moss was playing for the Raiders now, Oakland had a chance against the Eagles, who were really hurting this week.

But N-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!  Eagles win when their hamstrung kicker makes a field goal in the last seconds. He figured it was only one second of complete agony for a chance to win the game. He was right on both counts.

I picked the Bears over Cincy because I live in Chicago. I know, there's is absolutely no rational reason for that choice. Mainly because the Bengals' QB, Carson Palmer, is, and probably always will be, a better quarterback than Kyle Orton.

Bears don't just lose. They get killed. Orton, the rookie who didn't look too bad last week, gets picked off five times. Ha.

I picked Pittsburgh over the Patriots because the Pats were pretty beat up. I also like Big Ben. But the Patriots' kicker won it in the last seconds. In his first twenty games Ben has only lost two. Both to the Patriots. By the way, did he shave his head or does he have a fungus?

I picked Tampa Bay over Green Bay. I guess I thought it was about time they won. Hey, they did. I celebrated with some cheese.

I picked New Orleans over Minnesota by using the Katrina factor. I believe that thinking went something like "evacuees play harder." Minnesota looked really bad without Randy Moss, when they lost the week before. And Culpepper looked chubby.

Needless to say, Minnesota wiped up the stadium with the Saints. Turns out they have a rookie who can catch.

This is why I'm asked to sit by myself in another room when the games are on.

And my bank accounts are frozen on game days.


robbush6 said...

The Rams beat the Titans in a show of ugliness. Nobody looks better going for first down yardage and fumbling the ball than Marshall Faulk. And if it weren't for that Tory Holt tatoo on my left breast, I'd have to quit watching altogether.

Please pass the cheese.

bosoxblue6993w said...

i predict the chicago bears will be going to the superbowl this year.
they'll be sitting in section 37.

ksquester said...

Remind me to take you to the Kentucky Derby sometime.   Anne

meforevermore said...

lol Hey... I can't believe MN won either lol And I live there lol Still trying to figure that one out.


xzasporated1 said...

Oh, Mrs. L, you pick 'em like I do.  I have placed the Katrina bet every week -- won once.  And you're right - the Bears don't just lose.  That would be unnoteworthy.  And I still cannot get over the fact that Cincy has players that know how to hold onto the ball.  And, because I can't bear to watch the Pack in those jello mold experiment gone terribly wrong outfits, I just can't justify placing any money on them.

~~ jennifer

nancycfac said...

usually thats the way i pick 'em if i do---but being a tried and true WVU mountainneer alum and fan the only pro teams i try to follow r ones where wvu grads r playing --so right now im hoping for agood yr for mark bulger and the rams