Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting Cranked Up

I am a cranky pants. Once in a blue moon I'll be patient. But mostly I'm cranky. 
      Today I got cranky at the post office. I know, could there be a shorter trip? I was there to pick up a package that was too big for my PO Box as well as mail something to my daughter in London. Before getting the too big package, I received a notice that the yearly payment for the box was due by the end of the month. So after mailing my daughter's stuff, I tried to pay the box fee, but the computer sent back a message saying no can do. Nothing could convince the computer that I was a renter in good standing who just wanted to pay my yearly fee. Instead, I was being accused of all sorts of quasi-criminal activity in terms only postal personnel can understand.
      The good news is that because this was the post office, the employee helping me could by-pass the high tech computer by looking up a low tech card with my name and payment record on it, written by hand. So quaint. Upon inspection, there was no reason for my payment to be denied. [Only the post office would refuse to take money someone is trying to throw at them.] The bad news is that the employee will have to talk to the technologically-challenged person who incorrectly inputted the wrong info into the high tech computer. So the mistake can be fixed and I can be allowed to throw money at them again. Of course, none of this can happen until Monday.
      Stuff like that makes me cranky. 
      But I got cranked up even more when I opened up the package that was too big for the PO Box.  It was my new checks with a brand new three ring binder I didn't order.  I had distinctly said, "No new binder," when I was ordering my checks. I wasn't talking to someone on the phone. I did this in person. So you'd think. . .
      Anyhow, after declining the offer for a new binder, I remember asking the girl poking the screen why it was now going to cost me so much for the few checks I ordered. "Well the price has gone up," I was told. Apparently the price had gone up because I was paying for a new binder I didn't want. 
      Makes me cranky.  

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