Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh Great, Somebody Needs Advice

PK, who writes Purple Haze or is it Hazy Daze of Summer -- no wait, it's July's Hazy Motives -- asked Mrs. Linklater for some advice. He left a question about his dating life in one of the comment sections of Mrs. Linklater's blog recently. He's a pal from the AOL Journal days, who now writes his unique brand of mysterious thoughts on Blogger like the rest of us.

Since Mrs. Linklater has been remiss of late in her relentless efforts to poke fun at the advice columnists of the world on her other blog, PK felt compelled to posit his query in this one. [To familiarize yourselves with Mrs. L's formidable, albeit occasional, work dissecting the advice columnists, feel free to read her brilliant posts over at Ask Mrs. Linklater]. 

Obviously PK is someone who has forgotten the old adage: Don't poke a sleeping bear.  Especially when it's the middle of winter and she may be sleeping. But now that I'm up, let's get to it. 

His question is this: 

What does one do when dating two 26-year old best friends at the same time and they both want you to come over to drink wine with them?

Mrs. Linklater could simply pass on some of her own mother's sage advice -- "I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself."  But that's not the point, IS IT? 

So, instead, she will answer PK's question with a couple of questions of her own: 

1. C'mon, PK, do you really want advice or are you just f**king bragging?

2. WTF are you dating best friends for? Do you have a death wish? 

However, Mrs. Linklater is nothing if not pragmatic. Were she in a similar position, [i.e., a 66 year old woman with new hips] and two 26 year old young men wanted her to join them for an evening of libations, either alone or together, Mrs. Linklater's answer would be, "Thank you, God." 

What? That's not helpful? Well, excu-u-u-u-u-u-use me!


PK said...

If I were bragging, I'd have much more to report. Truth is, I seem to get into some amazingly puzzling relationships with calamitous results. Ann @ Les fous du roi (Bringing Mirth to the Mind) or @ The Freckled Bohemian can vouch for my poor decision making. As for the state of things now, I plan on eating a pineapple for lunch.

Thanks for the advice!

Mrs. L said...

Love your new picture, BTW. Very Jack Kerouac.

Remo said...

1. Leave a note under couch cushion telling the cops who probably killed you and emptied your bank account.

2. Don't forget the corkscrew.

PK said...

I'm enacting Remo's plan, even though the cops aren't exactly on my side as a result of a past indiscretion.

As far as the corkscrew is concerned, they like boxed wine. Cest la vie...