Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vote Early and Often

Apparently there is a blogger humor contest taking place over the next few weeks. It's a competition for humorous blogs and I'm not included. Piss on 'em. 
     Think American Idol in your mother's basement. I'm sure that helps. 
     A ribald, r-rated blog I read called the World According to Candice [a recommendation I got from Donna over at Just Me] is one of the nine blogs in the competition which is taking place here:
     If it helps you save time, I read the other blogs in the contest [blech] and Candice writes the only one that I, Mrs. Linklater, consider capable of amusement. The others are the humor equivalent of your Uncle Benny saying, "Pull my finger. C'mon, pull it!!" 
     So go look if you want. Or vote. Or something. It's Sunday and I feel like sharing.
     Okay, the feeling has passed.


Donna said...

Candice proves often to me that I am still capable of blushing, but yes, I'm voting for her.

Remo said...

I was going to vote for her but I've already given women enough this decade. I'm taking the year off.

She is good.